New York City Travel Guide - Christopher Fischer Cashmere
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Once the weather starts getting crisp, there is nothing better than a soft, oversized cashmere sweater to keep the cold out. Look no further than Christopher Fischer Cashmere in SoHo, a 25-year-old company that began in Scotland, where namesake Christopher Fischer learned the tradition of cashmere knitting. He makes exquisite sweaters, dresses and accessories that mix a European aesthetic with an American sensibility.


New York City Travel Guide - Christopher Fischer Cashmere Retail Therapy Christopher Fischer SoHo, New York City Female: We’re at Christopher Fischer cashmere where Christopher Fischer himself is going to give me a personal tour and help me find that professional cashmere item. Let’s check it out. I’m here with Christopher Fischer the man behind Christopher Fischer cashmere. I want to know why cashmere? Christopher: Well cashmere is one of the most beautiful sort of receptor that exist and if you’re going to do something I think do it with the best. Female: I know you have great quality here, how do you keep that? Christopher: Honestly we keep it you know first it started in the manufacturing. We’re really set up but we’re totally vertical and by that I mean we actually buy the raw material, we process it ourselves. We dye it an we knit it so all food process were in control starting with buy only the best buy which in cashmere is the longest. It’s finest and lightest so that enables us to really keep quality very high. The whole concept of a store, is you know we’ve got a lot of very special items and in terms of the way we’re displaying all the furniture that we’re using. Actually it is kind of hand made with kind of trends designers. Female: Suppose someone came in and went to buy the piece of furniture would you sell it? Christopher: Yes. Everything in here is for sale. Female: And also there is a men’s line when you say a boyfriend or somebody you want to buy a gift for you pick some up for him. Christopher: Yeah you do a men’s line. Women’s and baby, home. Female: We have a lot of accessories purses bag. Christopher: So bags are again a lot of kind of friends of ours who I have seen from. Female: Really original stuff. Christopher: Yeah we are working with each one; you know maybe they obviously had connections what we’re trying to give it a little take on it. Female: Okay so what do you recommend that I try on? Christopher: Well I think something actually this is a great sweater it’s kind of very casual with a hood. Female: I mean I wish if ever I could feel it because just you could sleep in this, it’s so comfortable. Christopher: A lot of people do. Well better in sleeping in cashmere. Female: It’s great. Christopher: Yeah I know it’s great and there’s another piece I think you might like again cardigan. Female: And the buttons are incredible. Christopher: Double breasted and kind of flared sleeve. I’m just kind of again very lose but it look great over – or whatever and I think that’s. Yeah try it. Female: Alright I’m going to try this stuff on. Christopher: Okay this way. Female: Thank you. Well? Christopher: It looks great. Female: Feels great too and I can dress this down to dress it up like most of your pieces. Christopher: Casual dressy, how do you want to wear that. Female: I love it. Tell us what’s coming up on the fall line the new trends or fashion. Christopher: Well fall is about real big volume luxury, beautiful stitches, very, very textural and this collection is probably one of the best we’ve ever done. Female: Oh wow that’s one of the reasons that people have to come and stop here in the area. I want to thank you so much it has been a pleasure. Christopher: Yeah it’s been a pleasure.