New Mom Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria
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Days after giving birth to twins, a South Carolina mother has been hospitalized for what doctors say is a rare flesh-eating infection. (May 17)


A FLESH-EATING INFECTION HAS FORCED SECOND YOUNG WOMAN TO UNDERGO LIFE SAVING SURGERY.(kayla moon, friend)"she woke up with a spot on her led, about the size of her palm and by the time she got to the hospital it had grown to the size of a sheet of paper. But the time she got to the OR which was approximately six hours later it had pretty much consumed the whole top of her leg."SOUTH CAROLINA MOTHER--ANA KUYKENDALL HAS HAD FOUR SEPARATE SURGERIES TO REMOVED DEAD TISSUE FROM HER LEG--JUST DAYS AFTER GIVING BIRTH TO TWINS--AND JUST DAYS AFTER A SIMILAR INFECTION COST A GEORGIA WOMAN HER LEFT LEG.(dr. William Schaffner, Vanderbilt medical center, infectious disease specialist)"now one of the more ominous aspects of this infection is that it can proceed quite sometime before sometimes it's diagnosed and so there's a delay. And the longer you delay. The worse the infection can be."THERE ARE THREE MAIN TYPES OF BACTERIA THAT CAUSE NECROTIZING FACIITIS--A FAST ACTING SOFT TISSUE INFECTION THAT CAN DESTROY FLESH, MUSCLE AND SKIN...THESE TWO WOMEN CONTRACTED DIFFERENT TYPES OF THE RARE CONDITION...THE BODY'S FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE IS THE SKIN...THE SECOND IS A ROUND OF ANTI-BIOTICS...SURGERY AND AMPUTATION IS THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE--SOMETIMES THE INFECTION SPREADS SO FAST DOCTORS MUST GO IN MULTIPLE TIMES TO CUT OUT MORE AREAS.(dr. William Schaffner, Vanderbilt medical center, infectious disease specialist)"it's very important to realize that this is not a contagious illness. You can't catch it. You can't spread it. It's a rare unfortunate quirk that something like this happens"IN SOUTH CAROLINA--FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE CARING FOR THE KUYKENDALL'S TWINS--WHILE DARREN KUYKENDALL SITS AT HIS WIFE'S BEDSIDE..EXPERTS SAY SHE'LL TO RECOVER BUT HAVE SOME SCARING.(moon)"hopefully when she gets better she can get the bonding process started again. And I know she's excited to do that."DOCTORS SAY THE GEORGIA WOMAN HAS A MORE SERIOUS INFECTION...AIMEE COPELAND IS FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE--IN ADDITION TO HER LEG SHE MAY STILL LOSE SOME OF HER FINGERS--IF SHE SURVIVES SHE WILL NEED A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF REHABILITATION.