New Car Features to Tame Teen Drivers
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Buckle your seatbelt for this one as DadLabs races you around Fords test track in Dearborn Michigan showcasing some of the automakers newest and most impressive safety features.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to Gear Daddy. I’m your host Daddy Troy. Today, DadLabs is on the road in Dearborn, Michigan with the Ford test track and Ford is going to allow us to test drive some cars and look at their new safety features. I’m joined today by Sue Cischke, Group Vice President for Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering. Sue, thanks for having us. Sue Cischke: Thank you. We’re delighted that you’re here. Daddy Troy: Now, one thing that as parents, we all dread today on our kids, they’re going to get on the wheel and they’ll drive. Sue Cischke: Right. Daddy Troy: Talk about your new system that’s coming out to kind of help parents be comfortable when their kids drive? Sue Cischke: What would parents like to have, to have a little bit more control while teens are still learning on driving and we introduce MyKey and what MyKey does is it gives the parents a little bit more encouragement to help teens drive safely. Number one, they can control top speed of the vehicle. They can monitor that from 55 to 65 or 80 and they can set that when they put the key and then program them. Daddy Troy: Yeah. Sue Cischke: They can control the volume of the radio and that’s something you know that could be a little distracting when you get a lot of teens in the car. And more importantly, if they’re not buckled up, you can stop the radio from working totally. Daddy Troy: So, here we are actually on the test track. They’ve given as a security escort out here. This test track is almost like an airport. They have a control tower and you could see behind me right here, they’ve got that Volvo S80. It’s equipped with the front collision warning system. So, I’m going to try at 40 kilometers per hour down toward that inflated car and when it get near it, the car is going to alert me that I’m about to be in a crash. There’s an audio alert as well as a visual flashing alert and then I will be able to divert the car hopefully, be able to divert the car away from the crash. So here we go. Drive okay. Oh goodness. So, I’m encouraged to drive right out of the car. And here we are, car coming at us. Okay that’s not comfortable, here it comes. Okay. We also tested towards lane departure warning. It’s an alert system that tells you when your car starts to drift out of your lane. Really, they’ll hear a sound or you will feel vibration in your seat or the steering. We also tested the blind spot information system. Now, it does a lot of things. One of the ones that I particularly like was when you’re backing out of a parking space and alerts you that someone is actually coming down the lane behind you. Sue, thank you so much for talking with us today. Sue Cischke: Okay. Great. Nice talking with you too. Daddy Troy: Well, you think maybe I could go out and do a little driving. Sue Cischke: Oh you bet, as long as you have your seatbelts on. Daddy Troy: Well, absolutely. Sue Cischke: Okay, well good. Daddy Troy: Well, that’s all for us here at the Lab. Go to and tell us what you think about all these great safety features on the Ford cars. Take care.