Netflix Acquires Streaming Rights to Disney Movies
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Netflix acquires streaming rights for Disney Studios Films, and will begin streaming content in early 2016.


(Image source: Netflix ) BY MIKAH SARGENT ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY Netflix has acquired exclusive streaming rights to Disney movies. Starting in 2016, Netflix will stream the films not long after they are shown in theaters. Exclusive rights to the Disney movies are currently held by pay channel Starz. Netflix will receive an improved deal, allowing them to stream the Disney content seven to nine months after the films are shown in theaters. The Los Angeles Times says , “that time frame is ‘accelerated’ compared with when Starz currently gets new releases.” You may remember watching a talented rodent cook five-star food during a Netflix streaming session. This is because Netflix currently holds rights to stream content from Starz. But in 2016, Netflix will pull directly from Disney, and a writer for The Next Web says eliminating the middleman is a big moment for online TV. “...Netflix is getting its content directly from Disney as well and it’s being allowed to show that content to its subscribers much, much earlier … a deal with a huge firm like Disney it’s a watershed moment for the streaming video arena as a whole. It marks a shift in thinking that is taking place...” and CNET says access to such fresh content is a first for Netflix: “It's the first time that Netflix has acquired access to relatively newer movies from one of Hollywood's top six film studios. Netflix has plenty of titles produced by the major studios, but they're decades old.” But fun, fresh content from a major film studio comes at a price—reportedly more than $300 million. A writer for AllThingsD says Netflix will... “They need to convince Wall Street that they’re happy to get this stuff, but that they weren’t buying it at any price. And, crucially, that the new titles will help bring in new subscribers and hang on to existing ones, so that Netflix can afford its steadily increasing content tab.” So as long as investors are committed to the deal, you’ll be able to sing along to your favorite Disney films from the comfort of your couch. Following the announcement, Netflix shares jumped about 14%.