'Net-Zero' Homes Strive for Energy Efficiency
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Homes being built in New York's Hudson Valley offer prospective buyers wooded lots, pretty views and the promise of thumbing your nose at the utility company. (July 24)


SHOTLISTAssociated Press TelevisionNew Paltz, New York, July 22, 20131. Zoom-in, Water heater2. Wide, contractor installing window3. Wide, contractor installing window4. SOUNDBITE (English) Greenhill Contracting president Anthony Aebi: (transcript below)Atlanta, Ga. - July 22, 20135. Close, chart on computerNew Paltz, New York6. Wide, "Zero-Net" House7. Gil Lobell, New Paltz, N.Y. Homeowner - (transcript below)Associated Press TelevisionCHATTAHOOCHEE HILLS, Ga. - July 22, 20138. Pan, heating and cooling equipment9. Tilt, heating and cooling equipmentAtlanta, Ga. - July 22, 201310. SOUNDBITE (English) Brion Fitzpatrick, Inman Solar representative: (transcript below)Associated Press TelevisionNew Paltz, New York11. Medium, worker12. Tilt, heat pump13. Close, meter14. Gil Lobell, New Paltz, N.Y. Homeowner - (transcript below)15. Wide, houseVOICE-OVER(NATS CONSTRUCTION)ENERGY EFFICIENCY IS A BIG SELL FOR MANY HOMEOWNERS. THAT'S WHY BUILDERS IN NEW YORK'S HUDSON VALLEY ARE DRIVING HOME THAT POINT MARKETING NET ZERO HOUSES.SOUNDBITE (English) Greenhill Contracting president Anthony Aebi: "The fact that they're not spending the equivalent of $5000-6000 a year on energy, that all goes to like a mortgage payment and in the end less money out of the pocket."WHILE THE INITIAL COSTS ARE GREATER, THEY'RE DESIGNED TO SAVE MONEY IN THE LONG RUN.GIL LOBELL OF NEW PALTZ, NEW YORK SAYS HIS HOME IS USING LESS ENERGY THAN IT PRODUCES. SOUNDBITE (English) Gil Lobell, New Paltz, N.Y. homeowner "Actually we have achieved in the last two months we've achieved zero-net which means that we have consumed less than we've purchased and actually put electricity back into the grid so we just pay a connection fee." ACHIEVING NET ZERO REQUIRES A MULTI-LAYERED APPROACH. IN ATLANTA.. BOSCH HAS OPENED WHAT THEY CALL AN "EXPERIENCE CENTER" TO DEMONSTRATE NET-ZERO SYSTEMS.SOUNDBITE (English) Brion Fitzpatrick, Inman Solar representative:"So the concept of a net-zero home is to help drive down all of your energy costs through multiple ways. So, one of those ways would be solar energy."THICK WALLS AND A GEOTHERMAL HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM ROUND OUT THE INSTALLATION. SOUNDBITE (English) Gil Lobell, New Paltz, N.Y. homeowner we've had zero usage according to the metering." FOR HOMEOWNERS LIKE LOBELL, THEY ARE LEFT WITH A SUNNY OUTLOOK ON THEIR ENERGY COSTS.WARREN LEVINSON, ASSOCIATED PRESS.