Nestle Ensnared In Horse Meat Scandal
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The world’s largest food producer is the latest company to recall food products that might contain horse meat.


(Image Source: Flickr/Nestle ) BY CHRISTIAN BRYANT Nestle — the world’s largest food company— is suspending deliveries of a range of meat products after being saddled with the discovery that some of them contain horsemeat. In a statement released Monday, the company said, “ Our tests have found traces of horse DNA in two products made from beef supplied by H.J. Schypke. The levels found are above the one percent threshold the UK's Food Safety Agency uses to indicate likely adulteration or gross negligence.” A spokesperson told reporters levels of horse DNA were very low, but above one percent. Nestle has recalled pasta meals in Italy, Spain and France, and replaced some with 100 percent beef products. According to the Financial Times , the culprit company identified in Nestle’s release might have also ensnared JBS, the largest beef producer by sales. JBS moved Monday to distance itself from the German meat supplier. Nestle is just the latest company to be caught up in the constantly-unfolding European horse meat scandal. Sources notes the inquiries began after Irish investigators found horse and pig DNA in hamburger products. Initial reports also expressed concerns over Bute — a veterinary painkiller — found within slaughtered horses in the UK. But medical writer for BBC says the painkiller would have little effect on humans in small doses: “Bute... is licensed in humans to treat... a severe form of arthritis that affects the back... it carries a one in 30,000 risk of a serious side effect.” Beyond that, he says the real shock is that consumers have no idea how long they might’ve been consuming horse meat unwillingly. Reuters reports in the midst of the scandal, British consumers are now less likely to buy processed meat and more likely to buy meat from their local butcher.