Natural Cosmetics Company Owner Josie Maran Interview
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StyleCaster interviews Josie Maran of Josie Maran Cosmetics, about being discovered as a model and going into a cosmetics career.


I became a model at pretty young age. I was 12 years old and I was discovered at barbeque, a family barbeque. I come from the pretty healthy family in San Francisco and I also come from the fashion world and the Maybelline world. So I worked with all the best makeup artists, but I was always asking those artists if they had anything healthier green and they would say, you know there's no such thing as makeup that would work on a photo shoot that was good for as well. So, I was like, I think we can make that happen. So, I worked it for a long time and just picked out my favorite stuff that was not kind as healthy and I took it to a lab and for three years we made it healthy. I really think it's as good as the other stuff, but good for you as the same time. Balance is key, but I’m still figuring that out. For me is all about just enjoying what you do and I enjoy having my own makeup line. I enjoy being a business woman and I enjoy being a mom and going home. So, I think if you're passionate that you'll just make the best out of it and you'll figure out how to balance it out. Well, my old thing is less as more. So, finding products that are multifunctional is a good thing and hopefully organic or non toxic. Oh, my God, it's ours. Well, my teen moisturizer is winning awards and it's really amazing because again three in one. It's organic oil coverage and—and it's awesome. It doesn’t look like you're wearing makeup and just got your skin. It's perfect and guys like it too.