NAEYC Accreditation for Preschools
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Learn about NAEYC accreditation and other things to look for when choosing a preschool.


Host: Should parents consider NAEYC accreditation necessary? Rene Hackney: NAEYC is an extra assurance. By all means, it is not necessary. There are many preschools that don't go after NAEYC accreditation. One reason being that it s very expensive to a preschool, it costs quite a bit of money for preschools to go through this process. It is also very time consuming. The teachers have to fill out reports, the parents of the school fill out reports, the office staff gets things in order for several weeks if not months before the NAEYC accreditor s visit. So, there is a lot of working against preschools to go through this process. If the preschool chooses to, you can just it s extra assurance that they have gone through this rigorous process and they have come out on top.