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FAMILY Magazine editor, Amy Bevins, shares her favorite “Must Have” outdoor holiday toys, along with the help of a few elves.


Amy Carney Bevins: Hi! I'm Amy Bevins. I'm an editor, a writer and a educator and I'm also a mom. Today, we are looking at Must-Have holiday toys and what makes them stand out from among the crowd. One of the ways that I found to choose great holiday toys is to choose award winning toys. They get more playtime then the box they come in and they won't collect dust on the shelf. Some of my favorites for outdoor active choice, get your kids up in moving and running, playing, and we will also hopefully get you outside too having a great time with your kids. One of the products we are going to be looking at is the beeboo big bubble mix. It's a great toy with a really fun name. This product recently won the Oppenheim Platinum Award and it also picked up a Guinness Book of World Records for the worlds largest free floating soap bubble. The estimated you could have fit 13,627 baseballs inside the bubble they were able to create. The beeboo big bubble mix was so much fun that when we first opened that, I had to wait in line to get my turn because the kids were so busy playing with it. This bubble solution has been used by Cirque du Soleil as well as bubble artist and entertainers around the world. A starter kid comes with one large bubble wand and enough bubble solution to make a gallon of bubble filled fun. We play it for several hours with a number of kids and we still had bubble solutions left over at the end of the day. It comes with a wand that you dip into bubble mix, while it's held together, you lift it out of the bubble mix, open it up and then swing it around to get bubbles. As you get better at it you are going to open and close it to make a variety of sizes of bubbles and even as amateurs and not bubbles professionals we were able to make bubbles bigger than we were, there was so much we spend an entire afternoon outside having a great time together blowing bubbles. I hope you get a chance to enjoy this really great and fun product. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio listed it as one of it's top toys for 2008 and a Must Have product for families. Next we're going to be looking at the Skyo. This is a wonderful travel toy. It's engineered to have great fly, you can skip it off the ground. With it's unique shape it's also foldable so that your can place it in to the pocket that it comes with. It's also light and it's a wonderful holiday gift. If you need to send it across the country, across town, use it for a gift exchange. It's an award winning Frisbee that is just a whole lot of family fun and it's going to become one of my families absolute favorite toys and it's called the pocket skyo. It also comes in a number of different sizes, they have this small version, they have a much larger folding version, as well they even have the ultra skyo which is about 27 inches of Frisbee fun and is a wonderful family product for getting, moving and enjoying your family time together. Next we're going to be looking at Ogo super sport disc. This is another one that is a fabulous outdoor toy. It had my kids busy for four hours the other day. This wonderful product is called Ogo and ogo stands for ogo outside, then this is the perfect toy for you. The innovative versatile film rings have elastic trampoline centers. They can launch balls up to 150 feet. You can also get creative with this great product. Use them as Frisbee's, try them with volleyball, tennis, baseball or even water balloons for a lot of fun. They float making them an excellent choice for fun at the beach or pool. With the super sports disc, not only will kids beg to go outside you'll want to go with them. The super sports disc come in 12 and 18 inch sizes and an inflatable version is available for pack and go play. I hope you get a chance to try the ogo super short disc. It's a lot of fun and it's definitely going to get your family outside and moving. Another fun product that I found this year combines a wonderful outside toy with science and chemistry. The media rocket. First you put the rocket together and that’s a wonderful family project, we spend a great afternoon trying it out, then you take it outside, you just simply put in the required amounts of vinegar and baking soda and then you carefully put it in, and trust me the directions are in there so you'll be able to do it and then you set it on the ground and launch it. It's a lot of fun. The kids had a great time how vinegar and baking soda interact and they got to create and launch a rocket. One more to caution, should you try this, please be very carefully, also you might want to make sure you bring along a little duct tape while it is durable and sturdy. You are going to want make sure that you have some repair kits available because it does launch. I hope you get a chance to launch this one off and give it a try, it really is a great outdoor fun toy for your family. To find out more about these toys and where you can purchase them, simply click on the link on my website there you'll find information about all of the toys that we're going to be looking at today as well as articles that are appearing in Family Magazine at least more toys then we could possibly in this video. If there is also information on website about the award winning organizations and what that means if the toys wins an award, so you can find out more about this as well. Next we're looking at active outdoor toys that can also be used indoor on those running days when you just can't get outside and you still want your kids moving.