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FAMILY Magazine editor, Amy Bevins, shares her favorite “Must Have” holiday toys, along with the help of a few elves.


Hi, I am Amy Bevins. I am an Editor for Family Magazine, an educator, writer and I am also a mom. Today we are talking about must have holiday toys. Right now we are going to be looking at some great games that your kids will have fun with all holiday season and hopefully all throughout the year. One of the best I found in the pre-school market is Caterpillar Race. Colorful caterpillars race to be first across the finish line. The question is, which body part will be first? Roll the dice and match the colors to find out. Caterpillar Race is a fresh new twist on teaching color concepts to preschoolers. This delightful game will have your kids clamoring for buggy fun. Get ready for a quick game between cat and mouse. Feed the Kitty is a great game for kids as young as four years old and is fun for adults who get tired of playing the same game over and over again. If the kitty is sleeping, your mice escape, if he is hungry, watch out. Your mice might be lunch. This simple fast pace game is perfect for beginning game players and is entertaining enough to keep older kids in game or your adults actively, laughingly involved. Feed the Kitty comes with 20 purple wooden mice, two customized dice, and a kitty dish. Get ready to enjoy a delicious game of mice and dice. Froggy Boogie is frog hopping, eye popping fun at the pond. This winner of over ten toy awards is a great preschool game, it teaches color and memory matching. Froggy Boogie is a beautifully crafted wooden game with bright colors and comical frogs that will draw the entire family likewise. Can your baby frog make it around the pond past all of the sleeping grown up frogs? Be careful or they might just wake up and see you. The trick is to remember which frog sleeps soundly and which have eyes in the back of their heads. Kids will have laugh-out-loud fun as they hop their way around the lily pads in this award winning game. Toss Your Cookies is a wonderful family game. In Toss Your Cookies you collect all kinds of different cookies, gingerbread cookies, fortune cookies, chocolate chip cookies, you definitely want to have a play of cookies hanging out while you play this so that you can snack your way through the game. The goal of Toss Your Cookies is to collect five of the same kind of cookie in a glass of milk, so that you can have wonderful snacking fun. You do this by rolling the dice, and following the direction such as toss, swop, it's a hilarious fast pace family fun game that will have your entire family laughing while they're playing together and you might have to have a snack when you are done. What do a Snouter, an Oinker, and a Leaning Jowler all have in common? In Pass the Pigs, they earn points for you. Roll the pig shape dice, rack up points, and be careful not to pig out, that's it. But, it's hilarious fun for any age. This game has been in international favor for decades. With its newly designed travel case, you can now go hog wild anytime with Pass the Pigs. Qwirkle is definitely one of those must have family games. It's for kids ages six and up, and it definitely keeps an entire room full of adults actively engaged as well as kids. Qwirkle is easy to learn but it definitely have some higher level strategy elements. Like Scrabble, the game play is across and down building tiles. But, in this game, you are matching colors and attributes on the 108 different wooden blocks to trying to score a Qwirkle which means six in a row of either different colors or different shapes. It's an addictive family game; our family pulls this game out all the time to play. My eight year old plays all the way up to every adult that we have had over for family game night, everyone wants to play Qwirkle, and is really enjoying it. Qwirkle has picked up an amazing number of awards including Major Fun. It's also a Mensa Select Award winner, and it's picked up a Parents' Choice Gold Award among the other awards, it's one. So it's definitely a highly decorated game as well, making a great choice for your family holidays. Ringgz is another one of those great strategy games. It's deceptively simple yet increasingly challenging. Can you be the lord of the rings? Strategically place your brightly colored rings on the game board to conquer the most territory and you win. Ringgz has won numerous awards for excellent game play and is an addictive strategy game for two to four players. The beautifully finished colorful wooden pieces add to the appeal of this game. Ringgz will be a family favorite for years to come. The next game is Castle Keep. In Castle Keep, you want to build and defend your castle while attacking your foes. In Castle Keep, use your wits and strategic skills to design your medieval masterpiece by matching the color and/or shape of your walls and towers. But, be aware, your opponent seek to destroy you by crushing your castle. Can you out with them to complete the castle? This multiple award winner is simple to learn and is a fun filled mental jousting for the whole family. For more information about any of the toys that you seen in today's video as well as my other top holiday picks, be sure to click on the link to my website. There you'll find more information about each of these toys, as well as articles that will tell you more about what it means to be an award winner and the award winning organizations. I hope that you and your family have a very happy holiday season, and hours and hours of playtime fun with these must have choice.