Music Video Dance School - Don't Stop the Music Part 1
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Benjamin Allen breaks down the moves in Rihanna's Don't Stop the Music, one of the hottest party of all time.


60FRAMES 5...6...7...8... MUSIC VIDEO DANCE SCHOOL.COM Benjamin Allen: Yo! What's going on party people? You're watching MUSIC VIDEO DANCE SCHOOL where we show you some of the coolest dance moves from the hottest music videos. My name is Benjamin Allen. On today's episode we're going to be doing Rihanna. Please don't stop the music, one of the hottest party videos of all times. I am going to break it down and then show you. [Video Playing -- 00:00:26 -- 00:00:32] Benjamin Allen: Alright! To demonstrate the moves, I'm going to bring in my friend Bianca and we're going to show you how it's done. You're ready Bianca. Bianca Pratt: Surely, I'm. Benjamin Allen: Five, six, seven, eight and up, throw it up and up and up, alright. Alright! So here we go. We're going to break it down as I said from the top. You're going to step to your right, clap up in over your head, one. Do the same thing to the other side over to the left, two. Let's put that together. Six, seven, step to the right and left. that's your one, two. Now you're going to throw your hands up, nice big party arms. Three, four, same thing. Right and left. Let's piece that together. Six, seven, clap to your right, left party up, party up. Nice and easy. Now, let's move on. We're going to step forward with our left foot. You're going to lean into it. Waterfall these hands down. Pick up that knee and step back in. Let's do that again slow. You're going to rock forward five and six, just reverse it to the other side right foot goes forward, seven and eight. Let's try to piece that together from the top, really slow. Six, seven step in to your right, left party hands, lean to the front, to the front. Cool! Alright! Here we go party people. Let's have it from the top and five, six, seven, eight and up. Throw it up and big and big. Yes! That's all this we've for today. For more on the music feature on today's episode go to MUSIC VIDEO DANCE SCHOOL.COM. My name is Benjamin Allen. I will see you next time.