Music Video Dance School: Deal with it Part 1
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Bianca Pratt is grooving to Corbin Bleu's (Music Video) for "Deal With It," breaking down the steps so you can try them at home.


60FRAMES 5...6...7...8... MUSIC VIDEO DANCE SCHOOL.COM Bianca Pratt: Hey! Everyone out there. Welcome to MUSIC VIDEO DANCE SCHOOL. We're going to show you the hottest moves from your hottest star. So you can dance like the pros. I'm Bianca and today we're going to groove to Corbin Bleu's Deal with it. [Video Playing -- 00:00:20 -- 00:00:31] Bianca Pratt: Alright! First I'm going to show you a combo, then I'm going to break it down. So you can learn the steps and try them at home. Here we go! Five, six, seven, eight. Here to help to show you guys how to break it down is my homie Ben. Come on Ben. Benjamin Allen: Hey guys! Bianca Pratt: Yes! You're ready? Benjamin Allen: I'm ready. Let's do it. Bianca Pratt: Let's do it then. First count scoop your hands up, bring your left foot into your right knee and second count we're going to go down. Make sure you've some bend in your knees. Bring your hands down, nice straight arms. Next thing, we're going to step with your back foot, take a big step back, turn over your right shoulder and connect your feet. Make sure you look back to the front. You want everyone to see how good you're doing. Right! Benjamin Allen: Always. Bianca Pratt: So, it's the first and the four counts. Let's take it from the top slowly. Five, six, seven, eight, up one down to step three together four. Good job! I'm impressed. Okay, now facing this side, moving on we're going to turn with our left shoulder above your face. Five, six. So our face is in the front again. Now, it's a little bit girlie I know. Ben is going to show you guys a way to do it. Benjamin Allen: Have it little some like this. Bianca Pratt: Oh! Yeah fellows, take a look. Okay, so facing this side we said three, four, five, six. Benjamin Allen: That's good. Bianca Pratt: I think we're ready to move on. Benjamin Allen: Let's finish it out. Bianca Pratt: Next step, step behind with your right foot, step out with your left foot. Now surrender yourself up with your right foot again. That's seven and eight. So we're facing this side. We're going to tag five, six step, seven and eight and that's it. You're done. Benjamin Allen: Nice! Bianca Pratt: Now, let's combine everything and take it back to the top and do it all. Ready! Five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. So, now that you guys go the steps down, let's do it with the music. Ready, here we go! For more information about the music featured in this episode, go to MUSIC VIDEO DANCE SCHOOL.COM. I'm host Bianca. I'll see you next time.