Multiple Sclerosis - Parental Advice
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Sarah discusses the advice she gives parents coping with multiple sclerosis.


Talk to your girlfriends, the ones who don’t have MS. They are probably just as tired as you are, and they are dealing with their own issues, and they are dealing with their own feelings of inadequacy aside from the MS. And the best thing you can do is be open about what you are going through. There are people there who will help you, and then you in turn will turn around and help them when they need it, but that’s the best thing. Whenever I get down on myself that I feel like I am not doing enough with my children or for my children, or I am too tired to be super mom, I talk to the other moms who feel the same way, and they don’t have MS. And they will say, “If you are having a bad day, if you are having a bad MS day, I’ll take the kids for the day.” And then when they are having a bad day for whatever reason, I take their kids and you form a network and you get stronger that way.