MrExcel's Learn Excel #940 - Sort Pictures with Data
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Steve wants to know how to sort pictures with the associated data. There is an obscure setting that controls if pictures sort with the cells or not. Episode 940 shows you how. This video is the podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel 97-2007 from MrExcel. Download a new two minute video every workday to learn one of the 377 tips from the book!


Hey, welcome to the Mr. Excel net cast I'm Bill Jelen. You start out with massive amounts of data, to how you're going to analyze this well let's fire the exhibit table and see if we can solve this problem. Hey, welcome to the Mr. Excel net cast I'm Bill Jelen, today question in by Steve. Steve wants to know how he can have a picture in a cell and have that picture sort with the data. And want to talk about this let's insert a picture as we come here with the insert, insert picture, choose one of the pictures. And I want to resize that so I hold down the shift key I’ll make it small enough to fit in the cell. Here we go, okay. By default Steve that picture is going to sort with the cell that’s in it. So I have padding up here and I'm going to sort and tell let's say A to Z circle of a data like sort sending. And you'll see that the pictures is assorted with the cells that they're in. Now if that’s not happening for you, some of those change the property of the picture. You want to right click the picture in excel 2003, go to format picture in excel 2007, size and properties and go to the properties tab and either place you're going to go to property tab. And someone has probably unchecked moved but don’t size with cells. You probably have don’t move or size with cell, so there is a way to turn off that ability to have the picture move. But provided you have a heading above the common pictures and you haven’t changed that setting. The pictures are going to sort with the associated cells and come right up to the top. So great question obviously you have some sort of product catalog and you want the picture of the product to travel with the data. That’s a great idea not many people are using pictures in excel. But if its not working for you then someone has got into those pictures and changed that property, you want to change it back so that it don’t move with the cells and you're good to go. I want to thank Steve for sending a question in, I want to thank you for stopping by we’ll see you next time for another net cast for Mr. Excel.