Moyer Continues to Beat Father Time
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Rockies hurler Jamie Moyer has become the oldest pitcher in major league history to win a game. He's won 104 games since turning 40 and appears to be fully recovered following Tommy John surgery in 2010. (April 18)


THERE HAVE BEEN 33 PITCHERS IN MAJOR LEAGUE HISTORY WHO HAVE WON MORE GAMES THAN JAMIE MOYER. HOWEVER, NONE OF THE 33 EVER WON A GAME AT MOYER'S ADVANCED AGE.AT 49 YEARS AND 150 DAYS OLD, MOYER BECAME THE OLDEST HURLER EVER TO WIN A BIG LEAGUE GAME, TOSSING SEVEN STRONG INNINGS TO LEAD THE ROCKIES PAST THE PADRES 5-3 ON TUESDAY NIGHT. IT WAS HIS 268TH MAJOR LEAGUE VICTORY...AND 104TH SINCE TURNING 40.MOYER SOT: ``I look at this as my job. And I feel like I have to go out on a daily basis and do what I need to do and if, obviously I'm in that age bracket (over 40), if I happen to be successful with it, which I expect to be and people take notice of that, of my age, or older, you know, more power to them and hopefully it pushes them a little bit or enables them or allows them to think, hey, if he's doing it, why can't I do it. And if it gets people back working out or doing things that maybe they once did, I think it's awesome for them.'' MOYER'S CAREER APPEARED TO BE OVER TWO YEARS AGO, WHEN HE HAD TO UNDERGO TOMMY JOHN SURGERY THAT FORCED HIM TO MISS THE ENTIRE 2011 CAMPAIGN. HE WASN'T READY TO GIVE UP THE GAME AT AGE 48, SIGNING A MINOR LEAGUE CONTRACT WITH THE ROCKIES LAST WINTER BEFORE MAKING THE BIG LEAGUE CLUB AS THE NO. 2 STARTER. IT'S SOMETHING THAT TEAMMATE JASON GIAMBI MARVELS AT.GIAMBI SOT: ``He's done something this game has never seen before. He won a baseball game at 49-years-old. You know, most guys at 49-years-old, owning a boat, and fat, and out of shape, and, and you know, he did it.'' MOYER LOST HIS FIRST TWO STARTS OF THE YEAR AS HE SOUGHT TO MAKE HISTORY. MANAGER JIM TRACY KNEW THERE WAS NOTHING HE COULD TELL MOYER THAT WOULD IMPROVE HIS SUCCESS.TRACY SOT: ``He's been pitching for a quarter century, I don't think I have any words of wisdom that are going to be real overwhelming to him.''THE BASEBALL HALL OF FAME GOT IN TOUCH WITH MOYER AFTER HIS RECORD-SETTING WIN. HE'S MORE THAN WILLING TO PART WITH A FEW MEMENTOS FROM THE VICTORY, BUT THERE'S ONE ITEM FOR WHICH THE HALL WILL HAVE TO WAIT.MOYER SOT: ``Ya, they've asked for a glove and a hat, and the hat's real easy, but the glove is a little harder to part with. I am going to give them a glove but I have to break in another glove first before I can give them another glove.'' MOYER IS NOW 32 WINS SHY OF 300 AND JUST SEVEN MONTHS SHY OF HIS 50TH BIRTHDAY. IT MIGHT BE A MISTAKE TO BELIEVE MOYER HAS NO SHOT AT REACHING THE MILESTONE.MOYER SOT: ``I don't have any secrets. You know, I try to work hard, I try to dedicate myself to what I'm doing. Be responsible for what I'm doing. Be accountable for who I am and what I do and what I bring to the ballpark and I try to have some fun with it.''DAVE FERRY, ASSOCIATED PRESS.