Mothers Day Gifts
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Check out these gift ideas for moms to honor with on Mothers Day.


Mothers Day Gifts Audra Lowe: Mother’s Day is right around the corner so it’s time to put on those thinking cups, start looking for the perfect present for your mom she does a lot for you, get her good gift. Lifestyle expert Cindy Piccoli is here. She’s got a variety of great Mother’s Day gift ideas and interests for all budgets. A lot of them have a great cost behind them too. Good to have you back. Cindy Piccoli: It certainly does. Oh it’s so nice to see you mom to be. Audra Lowe: You too, thank you very much. Cindy Piccoli: I even have a present for you but let’s start right away with golf. A lot more women are playing golf today. Show those pink balls they're so cute. Audra Lowe: Again so much trouble for the jokes that I have but these are cute. It’s women friendly golf clubs. Cindy Piccoli: Absolutely. We want to take a look at the golf clubs because they're fabulous. They were designed especially for women, for their swing. This is Solaire, it’s a new line of golf equipment from Callaway Golf consist of a 9 and 14 piece set of clubs with bags and golf balls. And Solaire clubs are especially sized, weighted and balanced for women and the cart includes lots of pockets and even an insulated bag. Audra Lowe: Because we need pockets. Cindy Piccoli: We do need pockets, exactly. Callaway Solaire. Audra Lowe: Can't go wrong with naturally and it’s good to know that they do because there’s different balance for women [voice overlap]. Now we’re going to talk about jewelries because every woman loves jewelries. What do you have for us now? Cindy Piccoli: Oh well take a look of what I have on. First I love this beautiful ring and bracelets and my necklace, all from Lia Sophia fashionable and very affordable. And they also have a manageable opportunity for women to start their own business. So you can go for more information about that. Audra Lowe: We love her jewelry and love her too she’s really a nice person. Now let’s say you're a busy mom, you want to have a coffee, you want to have a little tea. Cindy Piccoli: The great moms are really going to love this Keurig, single cup coffee brewer. The reason is everybody gets what they want and mom doesn’t have to deal with the drip coffee anymore. Audra Lowe: Yeah so easy. Cindy Piccoli: And with the touch of a button you have what you want and then the next person can put in what they want. I think it’s brilliant. I really do. Audra Lowe: We got to get to this gift basket here because this is personalized right a lot of stuff in here. Cindy Piccoli: For an expected mom like you or new mom, I put together a basket with Johnson’s baby products, the number one choice of hospitals. The shampoos, the washes and diaper rash cream. And also if their mom is expecting twins you can double up on it. Audra Lowe: Exactly. We got to talk about this quilt too because it has something to do. Cindy Piccoli: Well this is really terrific. Children account for 6 million hospital stays per year and to make them more comfortable Downy created the Downy Touch of Comfort Program with quilts for kids incorporated to deliver quilt to them to make them more comfortable. So this Mother’s Day make a quilt with your mom and donate it and go to for more information about that. Audra Lowe: Few seconds left Cindy so can we talk about one other item here on the table. Cindy Piccoli: Oh sure why don’t we go to the perfume for mom because moms always love perfume. This is a warm luminous feminine fragrance, it’s Estee Lauder Sensuous and it has a touch of lily, magnolia, jasmine, mandarin and honey and it’s from Estee Lauder. Audra Lowe: Thank you so much we appreciate it.