Mothers Day Gift Ideas
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In this gift video gain some ideas of what to give your mother on mother's day.


Andrea: We’re always looking for that perfect gift to get mom for mother’s day; how about something cute called Yummy Mommy, or Thanks Mom, how fun is that? It’s always great to pamper your mom on mother’s day but you should also remember her all year long. I’m Andrea, your host today for and I’m at Lush Jessie: We got a few new things for Mother’s day; we have the Thanks Mom gift, which is just for the moms that we really love, and the Yummy Mommy which is also for the moms we love but just got has much, oh. And this one has for 2 of our best selling products got the honey soap and it’s got the honey bubble bath and caramel. And this one is great, come with, has our new bath foam in it and it’s a honey suckle, you can try what this can be; it’s a little flowery, very girly as most moms tend to be; and another nice product, that’s this one, it’s lemony flatter, which is an amazing cuticle butter and it’s lemon, twist on toes and elbows, and I think all moms will need a little extra swelling, something glamorous like a cuticle butter could be it. Then there’s another option here, so it’s not just for moms, but it’s really nice if your mom likes girly pink things, it’s called the Pinky Pink gifts, and every time you buy one, $5 goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation.