Morrocan Inspired Living Room Coffee Table
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Distressing outdated furniture give it antique charm with an Old World look.This trunk-style coffee table was distressed to give it an aged look that fits in perfectly with the room’s Moroccan theme.


Male: I want to get Jake started on repurposing a piece of Sue’s old furniture. Coffee table, great condition still but it’s not going to fit the theme, the Moroccan style that we’re looking for so I’m thinking maybe you could distress it and maybe put some legs on it to raise it up, but still with that feel and I’m just thinking distressed. Male: Just roll with it. I can distress. Male: Jake’s using a blowtorch to darken the wood and bring out the grain. Sue’s using a file to rub off some of the finish. Once it’s done, it will fit in much better with the room’s old world vibe. The coffee table that Sue and Jake distressed already looks like it belongs in her Moroccan inspired room. To give it a bit more style, Todd and Jake add some legs and stain it to make it look even older. Male: Look at that, give me a thumbs up. Male: You guys have created an amazing coffee table now because you have brought it up. You made it taller. Male: Everything comes together and just makes it old.