Mom Hernandez Catches Her First Doardo
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This Sport Fishing video from Dan Hernandez shows you how Dan's mom catches her first Doardo.


When the line doesn’t go with the reel. Keep going, come on. Keep going. Come on, it’s going to be your first dorado. There you go. There you go. Take your time, breathe. Just let him go. That’s okay. That’s okay. That’s alright. That happens. Come on, okay, lower the rod more. Stop. Are you ready? Wind it up. Little bit more. Stop. No, pull up. Pull up. Now wind down. Wind down, lower. Okay, stop. You're going to lift up, there you go. Now wind down. You got 4 Accurate reel filled with 50 pound super silver thread. And we have, on this rod, 80 pound leader. No, no, no. doesn’t wind. Okay, lift up. Now wind down, turn the handle. You're bumping the jug with the handle. You turn it, you're hitting this. Just get him coming up a little bit. I took my mom’s very first dorado. She had a little trouble there. The fish swim around the box, just trying to work it up a little bit for her. I’ll give it back to her. See the gear that we're using for this, this is perfect for dorado fishing. This is an Accurate 4 reel. It’s a great reel for this type of fishing. Filled with 50 pound super silver thread with the Shakespeare Sudly stick tiger rod. You can see this Sudly sticks great down here in Baja. Okay mom, there you go. Now lift up. Wind down. You got to wind it when you lower the rod. Stop. Wind down. Wind down. There you go. Stop winding. You see him right there? It’s a big fish. When you get a smile like this, when you can't get much on him, just take every crank you can. What you can get is one crank, take one crank. Right here we can't do anything. The drag is pretty tight. So what we're going to try to do is just take one crank on it. Sitting in a chair is pretty tough for my mom. So I'm just going to lift up, wind down. Even if you can only get the crank from the wave action, take it. Just want to lift him up. See his head just really shaking there that rod tip. Sudly stick rod is just great. Big, big bull dorado. What we're trying to do is just take one crank at a time. Not put too much pressure on it. I use my thumb from time to time, but, you don’t want to put too much pressure. We only got a 50 pound test line. This is a big dorado. This dorado is over 40 pounds. Going to make sure we get this guy. It’s a huge bull. This is a big bull. This is a beautiful bull dorado. This is my mom’s very first fish. I just helped her a little bit there at the end when it got tricky. But she did it all by herself. It’s a great fish. Congratulations mom. It’s a beautiful fish.