Mom Arrested For Letting Young Son Get Tattoo
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A Georgia mother was taken into police custody after local authorities learned that she allowed her 10-year-old son to get a permanent tattoo. Police say it's illegal for anyone younger than 18 to get inked, even with their parent's consent. (Jan. 19)


[Notes:Location: Cobb County, Georgia][Notes:Source: WSB][Notes:Various shots of Shuntera and Gaquan Napier in front of their home]A GEORGIA MOTHER SAYS SHE WAS ARRESTED FOR ALLOWING HER 10-YEAR-OLD SON GET A TATTOO IN MEMORY OF HIS LATE BROTHER.CHUNTERA (Shun-TEER-uh) NAPIER'S OLDEST SON DIED 2 YEARS AGO AFTER BEING HIT BY A TEENAGED DRIVER...NAPIER SAYS THE FAMILY IS STILL GRIEVING THE LOSS...ESPECIALLY LITTLE GAQUAN (juh-QUAN) WHO WAS THERE WHEN THE ACCIDENT HAPPENED.((Chuntera Napier, Mother SOT: "My son came to me and said, 'Mom, I want to get a tattoo with Malik on it, rest in peace.' What do I say to a child who wants to remember his brother?"))[Notes:Closeup of Gaquan's tattoo]SO SHE TOOK HIM TO A TATTOO ARTIST OVER THE WEEKEND TO GET THIS PIECE WHICH FEATURES HIS BROTHER'S OLD JERSEY NUMBER.((Gaquan SOT: Why did you want to get the tattoo? "Because it represents my brother."))WHAT GAQUAN'S (juh-QUAN) MOM DIDN'T KNOW IS THAT IT'S ILLEGAL IN GEORGIA FOR A PERSON UNDER 18 TO GET TATTOOED...EVEN WITH A PARENT'S CONSENT.[Notes:Various of Acworth Police officer]SO, WHEN SOMEONE AT THE BOY'S SCHOOL NOTICED THE PERMANENT INK THEY CALLED THE LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT.((Chief Mike Wilkie, Acworth Police Department SOT: We hope they can find something to sustain them through that loss but this is not the way. It is illegal and it's something we're bound by the law to investigate and prosecute.))[Notes:More of Shuntera and Gaquan]NAPIER WAS RELEASED ON BOND ON WEDNESDAY.AUTHORITIES HAVE TOLD W-S-B T-V THAT THEY'RE ALSO INVESTIGATING THE TATTOO ARTIST.__________________, ASSOCIATED PRESS.