Moderate Drinking During Pregnancy Might Be OK, Says Study
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Danish researchers found evidence that a few drinks a week during pregnancy might not affect a child's cognitive development.


(Image source: ) BY MALLORY PERRYMAN   ANCHOR LAUREN GORES   Having a couple drinks each week during pregnancy might not be so bad. HLN has the details . “A new research study out of Denmark shows having as many as 8 drinks a week, early in the pregnancy at least, did not seem to affect the child even five years later.” Danish researchers looked at how light, moderate, and binge drinking during pregnancy influenced a child’s neurodevelopment. The researchers followed about 1,600 women from the time they were pregnant until the child was five years old. The conclusion? There were no significant differences between the cognitive abilities of children whose moms drank moderately during pregnancy — and children whose moms didn’t drink at all. But as Forbes says — don’t go pairing your baby bump with a brewski just yet. “The results aren’t likely to prompt experts to rewrite the books on healthy pregnancy.” That’s because this isn’t the first study to suggest that light to moderate drinking during pregnancy might not hurt the baby. This 2010 study from the UK found results similar to the latest study out of Denmark. And even the Danish researchers warn... “ levels of alcohol use during pregnancy have not yet been established. Consequently, women should be advised that it is safest to abstain from using alcohol when pregnant.” A writer for Daily Gossip says — scientific evidence has an uphill battle to shake quote — “longstanding myths about staying healthy during pregnancy”. And a blogger for The Stir adds — forget the medical implications, drinking while pregnant is a cultural no-no. “I can remember going out to dinner... and seeing a heavily pregnant woman at the table next to us sipping a glass of red wine... something about watching her drink that wine with a baby bump really turned me off.” But a contributor for Fox’s Red Eye says — there are worse things you can do than pairing a Pinot Grigio with your pregnant belly. “But you know of all the things messing with kids’ brains, of all the pollutants and various things we have to worry about, I think alcohol in very very moderate doses is pretty low on the list.” The U.S. Surgeon General and the CDC still advise women not to drink during pregnancy. As a blogger for The San Francisco Chronicle puts it ... “In the end, the real question mothers should be asking themselves is whether drinking is worth the risk.”