Mixing Paint Colors
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Mixing paint colors produces custom paint colors perfect for any color scheme. AsktheBuilder.com host Tim Carter demonstrates how to blend or mix paint colors to get the perfect color for your job.


Wow, you know, this are close but there are just not there. Do you have the same trouble I have sometimes? Whether, that you are trying to pick up perfect color for your house and you just cannot seem to get there. Well, I’ve got a couple of tips that may help you. Here is what I like to do, go to the paint store and buy a can, a cort can of each of the colors that are very close to what you are trying to do. Make sure it’s the same brand; make sure it is the same finish. Now take it home and put some on the wall like I did here and see if you do like it. Well, it may work or it may not. If it doesn’t, it is time to custom blend the paint yourself. Go into your kitchen, I like to sneak into my wife’s and get one of those little table spoons. They are really handy. It allows you to measure an equal amount of paint into some type of small container. I use a small thin can often. Now, go ahead and mixed those together, blend them, paint it on, and see what you are end up with. It maybe the right amount if you go ahead and mixed one part of one paint and part of another, but sometimes you will have to do different tests. You may have to take two table spoons of one paint to one table spoon of another. Go ahead and make several different tests and see what you end up with, but trust me if your patient you will end with the exact color that you are looking for. I think we did it, I think I nailed the color. And remember, the paint always appear lighter when you first put them on, it always dry darker. Now, the trick of blending paint is a lot of patience take your time and trust me you will come up with the color that you like. If you want to discover more home improvement tips, go to AskTheBuilder.com.