Missing Teen Jonathan Croom Found Dead in Oregon
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Jonathan Croom's parents feared he'd gone onto a trip similar to the one portrayed in the film "Into the Wild."


(Image Source: KGW-TV )   BY LAUREN ZIMA   Missing teenager Jonathan Croom has been found dead.   His body was found Monday night in Oregon, and local sheriffs say he appears to have committed suicide. They say texts to a friend show he may have been suicidal. (Via KGW-TV )   The 18-year-old’s mother said he’d left home July 30th. He was heading to Seattle to visit friends, then was supposed to go to Arizona to start college.    But questions arose when his father said he was interested in ‘Into the Wild,’ a movie about a teen who goes off into the wilderness on his own. (Via Paramount Pictures )     “He keeps watching the movie; he’s been watching it with others and thinking it was a good idea. … At the end of the movie, that guy didn’t make it, and that’s been my concern the whole time.” (Via CNN )     Croom’s car had previously been found nearby with his ID and money inside.  A book on outdoor survival was found, too. His father also said he had been through a difficult-break up recently. (Via KATU )   But CNN also quotes a public information officer for the local sheriff, who says Croom’s body was not found in the wilderness.    "There are houses and people, and it's well-populated, so if he wanted to do an 'Into the Wild,' it wasn't the appropriate place."