Mini Shepherd's Pies
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Your kids won't know they're eating veggies in these mini shepherd's pies.


Mini Shepherd's Pies We’re making mini shepherd’s pie with ground beef and mashes potatoes. So, all we’re going to do, going to take this biscuits some store bought canned biscuits. I’m going to line them in here. Just like that. Now what I did was I stretch it out just a little bit. Now be careful not to tear them and place them evenly in this non-stick muffin pan. So let’s go ahead and get this in the oven. We’re going to put them in the oven at 425 degrees for about six to eight minutes until they’re light golden brown. We’re not going to cook them all the way, just partially. I got this sauté pan here; I’m going to drizzle about two tablespoons of oil. If you think about the elements of our shepherd’s pie, it really does have all the ingredients of a cheeseburger. It does have the cheese; it does have the ground beef. The French fries, we’re going to work it in with the mashed potatoes. We’ll you know we got to get the vegetables in because you know one of the things I’m big on is our kids get enough vegetables in their diet. And sometimes it’s really hard to get them to get it in the diet but it’s all in how you do it. Now I’m going to fine dice this onion and I still got my oil getting hot. I’m just going to add about one pound of ground beef to the pan. When you’re buying ground beef understand this. The numbers make a difference of getting 80, 20; that means there’s 80% meat which is the actual trimmed up, sirloin or whatever you’re buying, 20% fat. I got me a nice 80, 20 mix because I want it to be juicy and have a lot of natural flavor. So I cut back on the oil. So you don’t really have to put a lot of oil in this but it’s all about flavor it makes. I say sometimes you just get thinking what you’re baking. Got this fire cranked up the high, just starting to brown now. So I’m going to add this onion now. For those that don’t the ground beef thing, don’t feel like you can have shepherd’s pie. The have ground chicken out there now, they have ground veal out there. Now seems like a lot of onions but these onions are going to really cooked out. I’m going to put about a teaspoon, coursed cracked black pepper. Let it go with teaspoon and a half of salt and add one tablespoon of minced garlic. So I’m just going to let this go, clean up my cutting board and go ahead and start getting this cheese done, get the herbs chopped because what I really add some more flavor here at the end. Now you’re going to need some parsley, just about two tablespoon or so of it not a lot. Couple sprigs of rosemary, this will really going to be a color factor as well as a flavor factor. And as you can see the onions are just cooking into the meat. We’re going to add some flour; we’re going to fill our roof which is going to be out gravy components. So this is like a pan sauce, about two tablespoons of flour while your meat is still cooking. Let’s get where we want it to be, it should be a little bit pasty. If it starts to come together as a ball as you can see and I can see I start now you could form it, you’re getting there. This is what you’re looking for. So it’s about time for me to take the biscuits off the oven and I’m going to show you exactly what I mean. Because we only want them part cooked because we’re going to fill them with the mashed potatoes, put the meat mixture in here, top them with the cheese and just cook them for another 10 to 12 minutes tops over 425 degrees. Let me get some beef stock out from the refrigerator because this is going to build the gravy. Set some over here I must go ahead and put this mashed potatoes in the microwave just to take the chill off. So I’m going to put this for about five, six minutes. Now we’re going to add the beef stock right into the pan. Probably like about ½ cup of stock, I’ve then added. Next, shred two cups of cheddar cheese. And now it’s time to add the veggies. I mixed a peas, carrots and corn. I’m just going to add this in at the last minute. Throw the herbs in and let the heat cook the vegetables. As you can see, the beef is good. Let have some of the part of this mini shepherd’s pie. What I want to do with these mashed potatoes though, I’m just going to add one tablespoon of granulated garlic powder and two tablespoons of granulated onion powder to these mashed potatoes, to give them nice full flavor. Now as you can see the mashed potatoes had picked, I’m going to start layering these together. Mashed potatoes are going in, ground beef mixture, shredded cheese, this cheese it comes low fat, no fat all different types of ways. I tend to sometimes want to put a sheet of tray under it because when the cheese melts you don’t want it to fall all over your oven. In the oven it goes, 425 degrees, 12 to 15 minutes. This is what I’m talking about.