Mind-Blowing, Mind-Controlled Helicopter Really Works
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Researchers have engineered a toy helicopter that can be controlled by the mind. They hope it will help people with disabilities.


(Image source: University of Minnesota )   BY JASMINE BAILEY    Remote-controlled helicopters — you’ll soon be old news. Minnesota researchers have now made it possible to control the mini flyers with your thoughts. Mind control people, mind control.     “We place an electro sensor over the scalp of the human subject and we trained the subject and ask them to imagine certain movement actions with intention of controlling the flight.” (Via BBC )     So the controller doesn’t actually move at all — it’s all in the head. They do say the human brain is a powerful place, but it all really comes down to two words — the force. But really, Nature.com breaks down the interworkings.     “Specific neurons in the brain’s motor cortex produce electric currents. These currents are detected by electrodes in an EEG cap, which send the signals to the computer.”     The computer then translates the signals into a command like ‘turn right’ and sends it to the robot via Wi-Fi — it then turns right. (Via NBC )     And in case you were wondering — this futuristic invention isn’t hitting store shelves to become playthings for kids anytime soon. The mind-controlled copter was actually created for a much different purpose. (Via Daily Mail )      According to the lead professor, “This Brain Computer Interface technology is all about helping people with a disability or various neurodegenerative diseases to help them regain mobility, independence and enhance performance.” (Via   University of Minnesota )      Now, the question is what else will we soon be able to control with our minds? Lunch, come to me… Well one can dream