Milkscreen for Breastfeeding Moms
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A mom-preneur in Austin, Texas decided enough was enough. She invented a great product that allows new moms to enjoy a night out with their husband or their friends and still feel ok about having a drink.


Audra: Being a new mom is an exciting and rewarding experience but it can certainly take a toll on your social life. One mom in Austin, Texas though decided enough was enough. She invented a great product that actually allows new moms to enjoy a night out with their husband or their friends and still feel okay about having a drink. Take a look. Ericka: This is actually when I was pregnant. For mom Julie Jumanville first came daughter Grace, next son Reese. Julie: He’s going to be seven on Friday. It happened to fast. Ericka: Cute followed by sleepless nights, dozens of diapers and of course careful consideration for all those breastfeeding schedules. Julie: A lot of times we decided to stop nursing because we were so worried about you know being able to have a good time or be on a vacation and not be able to celebrate with the husband or with a special loved one. Ericka: But in this case, Julie’s problem quickly became Julie’s product. A mom-prenuer was made. Julie: If you got a product that tells you can still enjoy those special occasion or the trips to Mexico with the husband and know for sure if you got breast milk saved up that you're safe. Ericka: Enter Milk Screen, the product Julie created with two other Texas moms that would allow breastfeeding women to enjoy a drink and still nurse again safely. Julie: She expresses two drops of breast milk on the end and she waits two minutes and I'll let you know and give you a color range of where you sit with your alcohol level in your breast milk. Ericka: Then if it's safe for mom for breastfeed, the strip will stay white. If there are still too much alcohol in her system, the strip turns brown. Julie: So you’d supplement with your frozen breast milk and you’d wait and retest two hours later and you know at that point depending on how many drinks you had and what your metabolism is like, you will be clear. Ericka: Julie says milk screen tracks whether the alcohol has metabolized out of the mom’s system so mom doesn’t have to pump and dump as many think they do. Julie: It has to metabolize and therefore pumping and dumping is a myth and it's more about time and waiting to see when the alcohol has left your breast milk. Ericka: So for moms like Julie, timing really is everything. Julie: It's really peace of mind for mom. Ericka: For Better, I'm Ericka Harple. Audra: That is a great idea. Well Whitney Casey, Betters relationship expert and author of the man plan is joining me now to talk about why it's so important for new moms to have those date nights with their honey and actually try to be social, get back out there right? Whitney: It's okay. Audra: That was a great invention. Whitney: Isn’t that amazing? Audra: Yeah. Whitney: She was a fun single woman, got married and realized that wow, all these breastfeeding, the schedules, all of that and it takes you so—having a baby is disruptive enough but that it take you completely out of your life, your social life, your life with your husband, dating. As the relationship—I say babies should be a life changing experience but you need to go back to as normal as you can a life where you were social, were you took care of your husband, where you went out on dates with him and if having a glass of wine was involved, then you now can do that with this product. Audra: And her product has been out for a while now, right? This is not new. I mean it's enough a while doing really well. Whitney: It's doing great because what it is is think about this. You know a new mom and all the schedule of the pumping and dumping wchih is something that Julie mentioned in the end there which just cause a lot of mothers anxiety according to their research. And so, what happens is now you know you go out and you have a drink. You're still a responsible mom and that's kind of what she and the rest of the company is trying to say it's like, you an be a responsible mom but if going out on a date night involves having a drink, you're still doing adjustments to your life and your husband and your children. And this product gives you opportunity to do that. Audra: Especially if you're checking afterwards. I mean it's one thing if you're just going out having a drink and recklessly just doing that but then to be checking afterwards with a little stench she has there too. Whitney: Yes, it's super easy. It's a little litmus—that says yes brown, okay, no you cannot, that’s not something that—and thinking about they’re coming up with something with caffeine also to be able to know whether you have too much caffeine in your breast milk because that’s become kind of a big issue too which hasn’t have to do with dating unless your thing is not a glass of wine, it's a diet coke. Audra: Yeah but ether way, still a lot of restrictions and ways to get around it. a lot of things that women have to think about. Whitney: Definitely. Audra: Just to have a date night, just to have a social life— Whitney: It's so important though, I just want to underscore it is so important when you're married and you have new children that you’ve got to get out there and you have to take care of your man and your relationship and your friendships too. And so this is why I say this or any products that can help you to do that, I'm all for it. Audra: What are some good date night ideas? What would you say? Whitney: You don’t always have to be drinking on date night. I mean I think sometimes it's nice to just have—we just did a segment where we’re talking about men who are cooking now for women. So if you did just have a new baby, I think a great night, a date night is a man cooks for you even if he can't cook, he’d make peanut butter and jelly, something like that. Audra: Yeah, that’s one of the main things that people say is, I just don’t want it to really change us you know and the relationship that we have so. Whitney: And unfortunately baby comes first which is not right. Husband and baby come first and wife and baby come first but a lot of new moms just forget that. It's all about the baby and then the husband suddenly feels neglected and you have no good home life. You have to maintain the home life. You can change your life but don’t change it too much. Audra: Right and thank God for that mom out there who created that. So, thanks so much Whitney. Good to see you again.