Mighty Tight Child Seat Gadget Review
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Installing baby car seats can be frustrating for dads. In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy reviews the Mighty Tight. This useful little gadget cinches any car seat tight. It's perfect for traveling with your infant.


Today we're looking at the Mighty Tight by Sunshine Kids. It’s a device that helps you to secure your kids car seat and tightening them down. It's a little ratchet device. Now, not only does it make a car seat safer, which is the number one use of the Mighty Tight, but also saves you tons of time when you're trying to take your car seat out of your car and putting it in someone else’s. Newer vehicles allow you to attach a car seat at the frame of the car via these little clips. And these clips actually make it pretty easy to get the car seats snug. But, if you're like me, you have an older car that doesn’t have any clips. And the process of putting in a car seat can be pretty daunting While you adjust, re-adjust, put your weight on the seat. Get it wrong. It’s super frustrating. With the Mighty Tight, all I have to do is get the seat belt moderately snug, attach the device, ratchet it down and I'm done. Super fast and super tight. Now even if you do have a car with frame mounted clips, you might want to consider getting the Mighty Tight. It’s great for travelling. The grandparents may not have a car with frame mounted clips or you might be getting into a taxi or consider when your baggage claim and you're trying to rush out of the airport as soon as possible. The kids are crying, you're trying to get the car seat in really quickly, this helps you do it both quickly and securely. And you can drive away with real confidence. So that’s the Mighty Tight. I really like this device.