Merits of Chores for Kids
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Make your bed. Clear the table. Prepare the taxes. When do you turn yourself into a broken record to get your kids to do their chores? If ever. The Dads debate the merits of chores for kids.


Daddy Clay: Welcome back to the Dad Lab Lounge. I am Daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: I am Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: And today we are going to be talking about Daddy Brad: You've got something different -- you got a different, you get to wear a different shirt. Daddy Clay: No, I am not. Daddy Brad: Look I got the blue on, you got the -- some. Daddy Clay: No that's pink, it's the same. Daddy Brad: Change is hard for me. Daddy Clay: Viewers said that if I wore that shirt again, they were going to kill their pets. So, I've saved a lots of pets by changing my shirt. Daddy Brad: Okay, I just hope they don't request to do this naked. Daddy Clay: So, today we are going to be talking a lot about chores. That's the subject today. Chores, whether or not to assign chores to your kids, which of course, no sensible parent would do that. Daddy Brad: Every sensible parent would do that. Chores are a wonderful thing to do. Daddy Clay: It's silly to give chores to children. You know why? Daddy Brad: Why? Daddy Clay: They always screw it up. Daddy Brad: That's the whole point to learn. Daddy Clay: They screw it up. It takes more time to fix what they do as chores, they would take for you to just to do it. Daddy Brad: That's not the point. They need -- Daddy Clay: And I have an example. I am not afraid of chores out of hand. I tried it, I experimented it. When I come in here with an opinions it means I have tried something and it is failed. Okay, my oldest son, today I decided to give him a chore. He just totally screw it up. Daddy Brad: What was it? Daddy Clay: He likes fire, so I gave him grilling. He was to do all the grilling and he overcooked everything. I mean he cooked it to death. Everything was well done. I said son, pink center, warm pink center and he was like grilled the crap out of it. Daddy Brad: Age appropriate choice. What you are going to do, let him light all the pilot lights in the house, after the follow-up. Boom! Daddy Clay: It doesn't matter if it's grilling or it's something appropriate or doing a laundry or taking up the garbage. They make a bigger mess. Daddy Brad: Do you want your child not to know how to do laundry? Go to college, do all of his white clothes and his red clothes together and then have all pink clothes and walk around in pink clothes all the time? Well, may be you would, but every normal parent would not like that. Daddy Clay: Okay, so here's the thing. Daddy Brad: No, no, no., kids need to have chores because it teaches them responsibility. Daddy Clay: No, but you said before is it teaches them important life skills. Daddy Brad: Yes. Daddy Clay: Like they will know how to do a laundry. My children, I will be able to teach them how to run the laundry in 15 minutes, when they are 18, it's not like -- Daddy Brad: Isn't acquired. Isn't an acquired skill. Daddy Clay: It's not a thing you have to practice, year after year. Daddy Brad: No. you have to practice. Daddy Clay: Especially you have to practice, year-after-year, it's like being a great tennis star. You've got to practice your forehand. No, you push that button, I'll teach it to him before he goes to college. It's not important life skills. Daddy Brad: You need to start early. Daddy Clay: This is how you run the vacuum. I mean it's not. Daddy Brad: It helps kids give a sense of being in the family. They are contributing to the family. It helps you to establish some kind of quality work. Daddy Clay: I know, here is a suggestion. To teach the kids that they are in the family let them sleep inside. Let them sleep in the house and they will learn they are part of the family. It's not a hard one to teach. Daddy Brad: I would say. Daddy Clay: You don't have to have them doing labor and scrubbing the toilets. Daddy Brad: You do. You do. Because they start doing a lot of it, then you have to do less of it and now that it is a glorious day when your son can crack up the whole husk and mow the grass and you can sit there and critic your son mowing the glass and it teaches them about consistency, quality of work, being a part of this wonderful economy, you have to work to be a part of the economy, but very important, do not ever, ever, ever, ever tie chores to an allowance. I know you don't like allowance because for some reason you crazy but -- Daddy Clay: It's the same thing. Daddy Brad: You get allowance and you get chores and let's separate the two. Here are the things you need to do on a weekly basis to help the household and here is your allowance. Daddy Clay: I just don't. I think that if you are going to ask your kid to do work. Okay, kid, it's time for you to go and take your toothbrush and scrub out the toilet. You know what's going to happen, that kid is going to basically hate your ass. He is going to hate your ass and you are going to fight about it. Why don't you just go every once a while, I just go kick your kid's ass. Wouldn't that save you the time? It's like, oh, why don't you go clean up the kitchen, and take up the garbage? Just kick their ass. Daddy Brad: Other great things to learn. Daddy Clay: You are bringing in conflict that you don't need to do. You can teach them everything they need to know about household chores when they are 18. I think that, what you should do is invite kids to do work with you. Daddy Brad: Well, that's the way you start doing chores. Daddy Clay: Right, you don't have to do chores unless you can't do it yourself. Daddy Brad: Tomato tamata, potato patata. A rose by any other name is still a rose. It's all work, it's all the chores. It's the same deal. It's just how you can find them. Daddy Clay: But I tell you about the medication, just dial it back, dial it back. The thing is you invite them, you go out, you washing the car, you invite them to come do it with you. It's a great experience and that's fun, they learn about work. Daddy Brad: And then you will involve into, it's your job to do the car now. Once you have taught them. Wonderful interaction experience, it's great, and it's your job to do the -- you end up probably in a laundry because I still screw laundry up. Daddy Clay: Well, I think we all understand how important we think the value of work is, here at the Dad Labs. So, have a nice day. That's all for us, give him allowance. Daddy Brad: I need to get on my chores about emptying the refrigerator. Daddy Clay: I think I am just going to like go in the bathroom for the rest of the afternoon. Daddy Brad: What you are going to do in there dude? Take a toothbrush. Daddy Clay: There is a wireless work in there. Daddy Brad: I think so. Daddy Clay: That's why I am doing.