Mental Committment to Run a Marathon
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Running expert Richard Francis describes the mental commitment needed for a beginner to compete in a marathon.


Hi, my name is Richard Francis. We've just covered the introduction to running a marathon, and now we're going to cover the mental commitment you'll need to get to that finish line. Let's talk a little bit about the mental commitment required to get to that finish line of a marathon. Well, you signed up, you're ready to go. What's next? First of all, you got to have a pretty much strong mental commitment. You got to be dedicated to get into the finish line. Signing up is not enough. Usually, it's enough to get you started and into the program, but 5/10 weeks later, you're going to want to make sure you're dedicated enough to stick with it. So what helps you get have that dedication? What helps you to keep that mental toughness to get through that training program? Well, one of the most important things I've seen throughout my experience in helping people get to finish lines, is if you're training with a group or you're training with a partner, it'll help you get through those tough times. Knowing that you have a group or a friend waiting for you to train with, is lot more motivating, than sometimes having to wake up in the morning, put your running shoes on and go out on your own. So I think the most important piece of advice I could give you, is to find a group out there, and there's a lot of them that are training for marathons, go online, and do a search for marathon training groups, and you'll find a ton in your area, I'm sure. If not, then find a friend that wants to do it. Try to convince somebody to do a marathon with you. It's an amazing achievement when you cross that finish line. It's really hard to describe in words, but when you get to the finish line, it's an incredible feeling. And if you can convey that to a friend of yours and get somebody involved to help you train, and help them get to a finish line, it'll be a lot more fun. So definitely try to train with the group, try to train with a friend of yours. And if you have to train on your own, there's nobody else who wants to do it, then I recommend sticking your goal everywhere you can see it, on your refrigerator, on your front door before you leave, at your work desk so that you keep reminding yourself, and you have that goal there. The other way training for marathon, the mental commitment that you'll definitely need, is just to remember why you're doing it in the first place. You signed up for some reason in the first place, whether it's a health issue or you just want a personal accomplishment of crossing the finish line or you just want to maintain or start a fitness program. Anyone of those reasons, put up those reminders, write them down. I found that writing things down really help you stick to goals. So this next clip, we'll cover the equipment you'll need to run a marathon.