Melissa Rivers Interview Grammys 2012 – TurboTax GRAMMYs Backstage
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Description Melissa Rivers drops by to give some expert advice on what it’s like to be a new mom in this celebrity interview backstage at the 2012 Grammy Awards with TurboTax. #grammysbackstage


Rocsi: Super Mom, but you guys may know her as Melissa Rivers. Melissa Rivers: Yeah. Rocsi: You've seen her all over so many red carpets. You've seen her reality show as well. We're in theTurbo Tax lounge. Melissa Rivers: Yep. Rocsi: New moms. I have my best friend, and she's going to be a new mom. She's like five months pregnant right now. She's in between the stages of I feel fat, I don't know what to wear. Melissa Rivers: Right, right. Rocsi: What kind of advice would you give a new mommy going through that? First time mom too. First pregnancy, everything. Melissa Rivers: Whenever you can sleep, sleep. Because once you have the baby it's over. Rocsi: It's over. Melissa Rivers: Apparently, I will not sleep again until I die. Rocsi: Oh my. Melissa Rivers: Because you are kept up from worry... Rocsi: Oh... Melissa Rivers: …and all those things as well. But sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. And also, you know what, do what makes you feel good but remember, as someone told me, which was great. Just because you're pregnant is not a license to eat whatever you want. Rocsi: She eats pizza all the time. Melissa Rivers: My doctor told me, make every calorie count, because you want every calorie to be completely like nutritionally perfect for the baby. Rocsi: okay, so is that like some moms go overboard and they go all natural and all organic? Melissa Rivers: That to me is going a little overboard. But I had friends that like, oh I'm pregnant now I can, you know, eat seven bags of Doritos at a sitting. [laughter] It's like no, that isn't helping anyone. Rocsi: You've got expert advice on what it's like to be a new mommy. Don't forget that Turbo Tax has experts standing by to take, On everything. call on everything. Melissa Rivers: On everything. Rocsi: On everything, right. Taxes can be such hell but, they make it easier for you. Melissa Rivers: Yes they do. Rocsi: You know what I'm sayin'? Melissa Rivers: Yep. Rocsi: So you've got to run over to basketball practice right now, but the Grammys. Grammy time. Melissa Rivers: Grammys. Rocsi: You do this all the time. Melissa Rivers: It's great. I love the Grammys. Rocsi: Who are you looking forward to seeing? Melissa Rivers: Oh, you know I just love watching the performances, because people really bring it. Rocsi: Thank you so much. Run to basketball practice. Melissa Rivers: I will. Rocsi: Alright, bye. Rocsi: Speaking of experts, Turbo Tax has experts alright. In fact, it's the only software with free one on one advice via phone or chat with experienced tax professionals. Giving you the confidence that your taxes are done right.