Meeting Your Significant Other's Parents
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When is the best time to introduce your significant other to your parents or family? Matt and Tamsen go over proper etiquette and how to time this important move properly.


Audra Lowe: You know that time in your relationship when you're ready to take the boyfriend home to meet mom and dad well when is just the right time to do it and what's the best way to do it we asked our relationship experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fidel for their answers. Tamsen: Hey, everybody Matt and Tamsen here again is answering your questions about love, sex, dating and relationships. Okay today's question dear Matt and Tamsen, my boyfriend and I have been together for six months and next weekend I'm bringing him home for the first time for a family function. I'm nervous I understand that and afraid my family might scare him off any tips before the big event. Matt: Here's a thing to have, everybody in the work I think I've said this before, everyone in the world has a crazy relative that we have to deal with just remember it's going to be his turn your going to be going home to his house so he is has going to have go through this. Here's the most important thing on your way into the house for the apartment or a couple of days before make sure— Tamsen: Ones you get him in the plane actually. Matt: Right or the car whatever it is brief him on every single relative that's going to be at the function give him a personality profile. So he knows what to expect that's half the battle. Tamsen: Like your crazy Aunt Sally. Matt: Exactly. Tamsen: No, it’s your crazy Aunt Sally. Matt: And she always to pinch the butt of all the people who’s never want to go through it never mind for that. Tamsen: I think it important to him of the event is because if its something especially if it’s a religious event or maybe it's a birthday of somebody special you should explain what it is. And if there's going to be a beginning and an end to the event. Because that can be so grueling, I like to go to somebody's. Matt: You don't you know what the end of this. Yeah, you’re begging on what's the hour. Tamsen: No, no what time you're looking for on your watch. Matt: Exactly, and the other thing you should—you can't be with the whole entire time. So make that you plant him next to the relative that he would like the best. Tamsen: and that you would trust. Matt: Yeah, that you trust the most and he might have a lot in common with it will make the event or his introduction to the family a lot more comfortable. Tamsen: A lot more comfortable. Matt: Absolutely. Tamsen: All right this is the Matt and Tamsen answering your questions about love, sex, dating and relationships if you have any questions be sure and send them our way until next.