Medical Tips for Babies, part 1
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In this video, Su Laurent gives some useful tips for new parents, such as vaccination.


In a satiation with Silver Cross. Wendy Turner: Hello and welcome to Baby Talk on the Baby Channel. I’m delighted to be join today by Su Laurent, consultant Pediatrician and Baby Channel medical advisor. Today she has to have to answer all your baby related questions. Our first question comes from Linda Elidel. Linda Elidel: Hi, I’m Linda. This is Aden, he is six months old with, would you take an MMR in an other six months, is it better to have single vaccines. Su Laurent: The first thing to say is that the Single vaccines are definitely not bad in fact they worse in the triple vaccine. There has been an enormous amount of research now, as I’m show you about what MMR because obviously there will some anxiety raised quite a while ago now about MMR and clearly if there was going to be any kind link with autism we have to make sure that was eliminated. There is no link with all this is whole about disease at MMR this has been shown through out the world. Therefore the MMR its serve as a triple vaccine is completely safe to give. Single vaccines, the suggestion of a single vaccine are based on absolutely no evidence at all it was just a whim suggesting single vaccines might be better. Wendy Turner: We really do the did a awful amount of down into then it were indented? Su Laurent: I think so, I think so because actually as a result people not giving themselves, giving their children MMR. They have been more cases of measles and more cases of mumps. You have seen quite a lot of months recently and the single vaccines clearly or actually worst in terms of quality than that triple vacancies and its prefer that all three of my children of MMR. Windy Turner: Yes, my two boys have had, in fact we have in the hesitation really about giving MMR vaccine it might be quite interesting to explain how serious it can be if your child contracts one of those diseases. Su Laurent: Well, it is very important to explain that because many people say what’s the big problem and the answer is with most children who get measles or mumps or rubella. It’s the elements, which is self limiting and they get better but measles makes a child very, very miserable and there is a risk of getting something called cephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain with the measles as far as, as a result of the some children all left brain damage or even die. The mumps as far as, the main link with the mumps as far as I think men will identify with his infertility and if we certainly seen a few teenage boys recently, who had very, very painful testicles and a risk as result of the getting infertility and also diabetes is linked with mumps as well. Rubella of course we use to see in a full lot of rubella and babies, when we contracted to better in pregnancy, we are not seeing that anymore but clearly would be very worried about that retuning. Windy Turner: Okay, so get the MMR vaccine is the answer to that Linda. Thank you very much. Okay, let’s go dwell into the post bag back once more. Jess: Hi there I’m Andy Jess Hailey: I’m Hailey and this is Toela and she is 19 months old and we’re experiencing big problems with her sleeping, she doesn’t go sleep on her own and Andy has to take her in the car in order to just to get a sleep, so as an alternative to control crying, which we don’t agree with. We want if you could help at all until it’s another way to get how to sleep thank you. Su Laurent: Jess and Hailey you have my sympathy. Windy Turner: They have everyone’s sympathy I think. Su Laurent: Exactly, it’s a very tough one and its very difficult to 19 months to go from where you are now to, where you want to be and the problem of course is that your child is got into the habit of going to sleep by being around and you need to gave from where you are now to a good sleep habit if I was using the word more and more, more to them sleep hygiene which means how many hate that ones was a good, what that means is getting it to really good sleep habits for preparation for bed. so its sort of relaxation, it’s the bath, it’s the story, it’s the knowledge, the child needs to know that in fact you mean business, when you put your child to beds, while followed by story, followed by tucking in and cuddling out with whatever, special thing that your child might have. Windy Turner: And presumably at the same time said 7’o clock every night it’s happening. Su Laurent: Absolutely routine and then its good night. Now you know that the first few nights is get the absolutely awful. It’s going to be rough and the problem with being a 19 month old is if this child is now not in the cot anymore, they will leaves out of bed that makes it much harder keep you child in a cot for as long as possible, because when they are in the cot they can’t and then you put them down to sleep is much easy to say good night and then if I am going. Some children may like a night light or may like some music and I mean I’ve got some music who like both and he is five and he is still likes, how that is his routine but then he is very happy and he always going to sleep. Now if said in your little piece just than that you this child does not. You don’t want to use control crying, now the problem of course is that there is going to no way of getting your child to get sleep without little bit of crying. And if you are going to always pick them up with second crying then you going to be start. All of you are going to stay with them until they go to sleep that might be two hours, so I would recommend and I have done this to my children who perfectly psychologically happy and emotionally sound they have -- we had a few days of just training them to get sleep in that does mean I’m afraid to control crying. Windy Turner: Well, you’re going to be well get tough. Su Laurent: You have to get tough in order to get over that little hump and then everything be lovely and it will early be a little on humbly? Little won’t lost ever and ultimately you have a happy child or happy parents. Windy Turner: Absolutely, good advice that. Okay we’ve got question now its from Barbara. Barbara Lindsay: Hello, my name is Barbara Lindsay. I have two children one aged four and Alexander aged 20 months. They were insane to get some colds and running nose are there any herbal remedies that you could recommend to boost their immune system? Su Laurent: That’s a very interesting question Barbra and herbal remedies, well the first thing to is that we in conventional medicine, we did know very much about herbs. There was certainly some herbs which might be helpful. But there is nothing that we could particularly recommend. That always a word of caution about herbs though and that is, that they are not under any kind of testing and no sort of guidance about herbs and so therefore there are plenty of herbs out there, which matched to more harm than good. Windy Turner: The herbs in that natural doesn’t necessarily mean that -- Su Laurent: Doesn’t mean we have got very powerful ingredients and many of the drugs that we use are based on herbs and that very, very powerful so I would say it as a word of caution about herbs. Don’t go lot into them. Fall better to think about good nutrition for your children, so making sure they are eating their five portions of food and vegetables per day, which means that’ll get enough vitamins. That they eating a good spectrum of other foods so protein, carbohydrate and plenty of water and if you get fruit and vegetables because in other forms other than just as solid free in vegetables fruit juices, raisins also things like that and also be and also bare in mind that getting a whole related coughs and colds is quite good for your immune system, is it just builds up your gradual immunity and said that as we get older we get fewer of them. Windy Turner: Alright. Su Laurent: I avoid herb Windy Tuner: Avoid herb, okay thank you. Somebody now has at Text us with a question. Female Speaker: My friends little boy has just caught chickenpox. My friend suggested that I take my two children aged 2 and four over to her house so they can catch it now rather than years to come. Is this is normal? Surely I shouldn’t my encouraging my children to get sick? Windy Tuner: So Su what would you suggest to that? Su Laurent: Well, of course right now there is lot of chickenpox around and certainly in my children schools that there is lot of chickenpox being shared between children. At the moment in the UK there is no routine chickenpox vaccination and it is much better for your child to get chickenpox now then later. Have you ever seen adult with chickenpox they are miserable specimen, they are it’s nasty in adult in hood, it’s also not something you want to get when you pregnant, so you will much better of getting chickenpox into your children and getting their immunity when they are young. Windy Turner: Once do deliberately go out to get your child chickenpox. I actually felt that was what’s belong to chickenpox policy Su Laurent: Well, actually if it’s a good time for you, not just about going holiday always not just before Christmas or something we should be read into by chickenpox, which are -- just about be a brides made then go for it get it over and done with. Personally I think I’m strong believer as probably gathered in immunizations and I think we in the United Kingdom should get a chickenpox vaccination because there will be one more thing to protect our children against its in the America, it’s in many of the European countries. The reason we haven’t got it yet because there is some lack of knowledge I think about the long-term immunity that chickenpox vaccination will give you and I think people are slightly disturbed about whether or not old adults will become vulnerable again to chickenpox, whether the immunity is a life long thing are not, so I think in the moment which is hanging out in the UK and note quite deciding with Chickenpox with everybody. If you are a young woman though and you are thinking about having children and you don’t think you have chickenpox. I would recommend go and discussing about with your GP because if you having had chickenpox it is worth getting immunized again before getting pregnant. Windy Turner: Good advice that. Okay we have another message, another question where they sent in by texts. Female Speaker: My three old’s pooh is very pale –almost white Is this something to worry about. He is active and healthy but he is a fussy eater. Su Laurent: So Pail pooh what we go to – save Windy Turner: Ma’am might be very serious. Su Laurent: Stool gazing is a very common and popular preoccupation that we have, that very, very interesting pooh and obviously a pooh is a reflection very often able to child is eating, so pooh normal pooh can varied in color from very dark brown no black very dark brown to green to lite brown, to brown with bits, to yellow. If it’s completely white the pooh or cream it may mean that was any pale coming through. Now bile is something the you need noted to – that was any pale coming through may mean that the problem with the digestive system and that may well be a problem for the child having said that I think said that I think it was very likely this particular three year old because the child is obviously growing normally as lively as active and the child is got problem with absorption in food well actually be malnourished and if you are worried your -- should be delighted to see a little -- in the pot and say is this normal or not. Windy Turner: Yes, okay -- you said that people of fascinating feed that though like three year old has to look a teaspoon where we get , but we have a – Su Laurent: We are in nation of still geysers. Windy Turner: Yes, it is an interesting. Su Laurent: People has -- bring me pooh the same clinic and it frankly and for the moments -- Windy Turner: Yes, I can imagine. Su Laurent: Is that -- Windy Turner: Okay, we have got another question now is been sending by Louis. Louis: Hello my name is Louis, This is my daughter Jessy, she is three years old and that’s she hates drinking milk. She hasn’t drink it since she was four months old and wanted for any long time problems with that? Windy Turner: She was talking -- won’t drink milk I’m not sure that means breast milk -- from the bottle just milk in general. Is that necessary? Su Laurent: Yes, well the answer the milk is one of the major source of calcium the children but it is still be -- of calcium and lot of toddler were drink milk and will have another -- and though lastly have it with -- will have yoghurt or butter cheese and in that case if that this is total is having to like that then no need to worry, if they worried to have any dairy products of any description tool then calciums also in lot of green vegetables and lot of other sources and its important to chat through with your health -- in the first place whether not this toddler is getting enough calcium in some other food. Windy Turner: My three year old, has a lot of milk I’m try to do -- before the milk -- if you but he has soya milk and he has I get the one that the it has, actually in calcium in cows milk because actually have weak in diet, so I just think important to say when we talk about milk, we gave always necessarily make. Su Laurent: Exactly and the other milk is soy milk and it also thinks like there is rice dream and also to other milks and may be that your child will have something else which has so calcium rather than that there is in orange juices now that have calcium added to them. I mean too much milk as we said it can be a problem and really a point of milk day is about right, maximum because actually if you have too much milk some children get quite Windy Turner: Oh, really well I found with mom just put him with his food, yes she doesn’t want to -- Su Laurent: Exactly, it has lot of calories in milk that’s a milk whole its quite often get -- in other things such as iron, like that is in calories from such which is not have iron. Windy Turner: I’ve got try hard to mail this problem for milk. Okay we’ve got another question now from Nicki. Nicki: Hi I’m Nicki she is four and he is Two, I had lot bad fish oils and I just like to know benefits, I’m actually do? Windy Turner: Okay, fish oils and in the benefits. Su Laurent: Omega-3 is something that all hearing about the moment home way and it’s not, some other sources well actually not just in fish Windy Turner: It is I mean I lot to get that in straight way because I’m weaken so and of course vegetarian, many in this country wouldn’t have fish oil Su Laurent: And so you have to just get it from fish but all do you know we only eat a big balanced of broad range of things in our diet one of them certain fish oil. Because they contain things which are important for our brain development and there has been quite lot of research recently looking at children who eat this terrible trashy, rubbishy diets and all to get these such things in that diet because I see those such who are eating not much more than chicken, chips, bread and milk and then will lacking a lot of these elements and therefore there is quite a big market now in giving children vitamins and fish oils or Omega-3 in addition to what they have a normal diet Windy Turner: Rubbish food? Su Laurent: Just try and get something healthy into them and so some research I mean there is not, this research is in sort of completely definitive but some research showing that perhaps some of these children who are having difficulty in school may actually be lacking things such as omega 3 in the diet if we give them extra it may actually help them to. Windy Turner: The, school of may be could be lacking just a decent diet. Su Laurent: Well, if we look at Jamey all of a date, I think he has done a fantastic service to the children really and he is showing us actually if you give a child a good diet they will learn better, they will do better and I’m sure to do with all these little elements that you need in your diet that lacking. Windy Turner: Yeah, truly common sense. Su Laurent: Exactly it’s a common sense, so give your child a good, wide broad diet. Windy Turner: Yeah just think about, talk about bit more. Right it is time for commercial break now but soon we will back in a couple of minutes to answer more of your questions. Remember if you got a question you would like answered by Su or indeed another of the medical practitioners the visitor’s regularly here on the baby channel then do get in touch. You can leave a voice mail just phone 0905-028–0090 or you can text the word baby plus your message to 82540. You can also get in touch by sending us photos of your baby which is exactly what the parents in peace little once did.