Matthew McConaughey Helps LA HS With Fitness & Technology
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Matthew McConaughey's Foundation, J.K.Livin, partners with Samsung Hope For Children & Best Buy to help inner city Los Angeles area High School children have healthy living activities and provide upgraded technology & resources to deserving students.


Matthew McConaughey Helps LA HS With Fitness & Technology Matthew McConaughey: Today we are kicking off the Just Keep Living Foundation partnership with the Samsung and Best Buy. And that we’ve got three groups of kids from three different schools here in LA. I think that is good that we’ve got corporation like Samsung that’s using electronics they have, the tools. They have televisions, laptops to help improve kids’ lives. The technology is what’s helping us grow here. And I also notice that some way the kids own aren’t giving the exercise. Abuse is a problem in the United States, and then kids can get outside more. I know there was one girl that wants to go the prom couldn’t fit in her dress, said she wouldn’t then and go to another prom, started working out here, fit in her dress went to prom and that was just a success story for her. I have quite a few kids they will come forward and you will said “Hey, thanks for giving me a safe place to go after school, I was in gang, I was going down on the wrong path, I was doing drugs or what have you. Thanks for giving me a place, because I didn’t really want to be there but I found myself there all the time”. Teaching them that at that age there are more things going on out there in the world you’re responsible for the young community is part of what we are teaching them as well. She got to get out there and go “Serve your own community”. Good life choices you know and we talked to the kids about what they’ve got going on with their life. And then try to help them to make the best choice they can, because they can be happier and healthier down the line. Thanks to Samsung and Best Buy. After I get started here for the support, the technology they are giving us can help develop this program, help us grow. I really appreciate it. This feels like a kick off rally to me more than anything. Also thanks to those of you, young men and women out there. Adam Yates: Samsung hope for children program is all about providing support to programs and education and health and social welfare for kids and communities across the country. Dave Bonura: At 15 is one of the programs that Best Buy uses to give back to the community. It specifically targeted at teenagers however, not exclusive to those age groups but it focuses on children and technology.