Maternity Spa for Pregnant Women
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Parents TV takes a look at Edamama, a Maternity Spa, where pregnant women can get special massages and facials. Get ready to get pampered!


Anne Ebeling: Hey moms-to-be ready to get pampered? Well, you've come to the right place. Joanne Amend: Welcome to the Edamame Maternity Spa located inside of Destination Maternity. We currently have 7 Edamame Spas throughout the country in various Destination Maternity locations. Anne Ebeling: Edamame Spa caters specifically to pregnant women and new moms with a full line of massages, facials, waxing, and body treatments designed just for them. One of the most popular services Edamame offers is massage. The spa uses a special pillow so pregnant women are able to lay on their belly. Joanne Amend: One great thing about the Prego Pillow is that it enables us to work with all different types of body shapes, body sizes. We can adjust with towels. How does that feel? And you can lay face down comfortably and safely. We really pamper the pregnant woman during her pregnancy. We offer massages that are specifically designed not to hit certain pressure points that shouldn't be touched during pregnancy. Jennifer Manicad: How's my pressure so far. Is it okay? Female Speaker: Uh huh. Jennifer Manicad: Okay. So we start off the massage with a welcoming. And we usually use an aromatherapy oil. This one is lavender. So then I would start off saying when you're ready take a nice easy breath and slowly let all the air out. And usually I just begin by warming up the back. All the therapists at Edamame are certified for pregnancy massage. We don't work on anyone below fourteen weeks for liability purposes because more miscarriages happen on the first trimester. We work on the neck, the head, the scalp, shoulders, some of the arms, and we do a lot of work around the belly to just make sure that everything is hydrated. You're experiencing headache, any muscle tension, massage is really, really beneficial. It's very, very rewarding. I find that almost all of my client's are just so grateful to be here and grateful to receive massages. It's very satisfying as a therapist to work with such clients. Anne Ebeling: And the spa uses all-natural products, safe for mom and baby. Joanne Amend: Some of the treatments that we offer are the Mama Mio Yummy Tummy massage and the Mama Mio Free Loader massage, and these are the Mama Mio products which are all-natural. They have no parabens, no sulfites, no preservatives, and no caffeine so they are totally safe for use during pregnancy. Jennifer Manicad: A lot of people experienced dry skin and the Mama Mio line is really great because they don't only focus on hydration but they also focus on elasticity which is very, very important during pregnancy. Anne Ebeling: A full menu of facial helps moms and moms-to-be save face. Joanne Amend: During pregnancy, many clients find that their skin is a little different than normal. They might be experiencing oily skin or more breakouts, and we use all-natural ingredients that are perfect for the pregnant skin type. Dajayra de la Rosa: Sometimes you've become lackluster. Your skin looks dull, you just need to be refreshed and looked like you slept eight hours because chances are you have been sleeping. I start by cleansing the skin, analyzing the skin, and I like to communicate with my client and find out what her goals are. I like to be very thorough and I like a lot of details about their lifestyles in general because that way I can really customize your treatment. Massage the skin, and I'm typically using a product that is germicidal, antibacterial, and lipid rich so that's gonna soften my skin before extraction. So once you're done with extractions, the next step would be applying the mask and that can be a combination of masks depending on what the clients is dealing with. Everything involved with a lot of massage in our treatments and it's all very nurturing, very soothing, exactly what pregnant women need when they're pregnant. Anne Ebeling: Edamame also does belly casting where they make a plaster cast to that beautiful baby bump. Joanne Amend: Many women choose to have it painted. We do them plain or we can add artwork. It's really a fun memento from the pregnancy. Anne Ebeling: So sit back, relax, and treat yourself during your pregnancy and beyond.