Maryland Student Arrested for Shooting Rampage Threat
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University of Maryland police arrested student Alexander Song for allegedly posting a threat that he was going to go on a shooting rampage.


(Image source: University of Maryland Department of Public Safety ) BY EMILY SPAIN University of Maryland police arrested a college sophomore Sunday for posting a threat online that he planned to go on a shooting rampage. Officers took 19-year-old Alexander Song into custody and then brought him to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. WJZ has more of what he posted: "’I will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on campus’ and ‘Hopefully, I kill enough people to make it to national news.’" He also warned people not to go to the mall at 1:30 on Sunday — though media reports offer little elaboration. According to the Washington Post, Song posted the statements late Saturday and police got a warrant charging him with disturbing the orderly conduct of university activities.  That’s a misdemeanor.   WJLA has more info on the student. “Song a sophomore in the Gemstone honors program is no longer allowed on campus and his status as a student has been suspended. According to his post, he said the rampage would end when campus police killed him.” The threat shook up Song’s classmates — who were glad police arrested Song before his posts became a reality.   WAMU Radio has this reaction from a student who wanted to remain anonymous. "I was definitely taken aback by the whole thing, but I'm happy that they got him in custody...I wasn't going to change my day based on what he said... but it was like, 'wow, anything can happen at any given time.'" With the Ohio school shooting just weeks ago, some wonder what it will take to make school violence extinct. An officer with the school’s police department told the Baltimore Sun intercepting the attacks before they happen is key.     “ seems like it’s cropping up more... That's what you want to prevent. We'll always do whatever we need to do to see who is posting these things, or do whatever necessary.” The Gazette reports Song faces up to six months of jail time and no more than a $2,500 fine. Police say Song was unarmed when arrested. Transcript by Newsy.