Martina McBride's Manicotti Recipe
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We catch up with Martina in the kitchen and make a manicotti meal with her to promote a great cause. Find out how to make the dish, and how Martina is helping build donations for Meals on Wheels.


Martina McBride's Manicotti Recipe Audra Lowe: He’s a big star with an even bigger message. Country singer Martina McBride is hitting the road to spread the word about how every family should sit down to dinner together as often as possible. And Juli caught up with Martina in the kitchen to do a little cooking. Juli Auclair: We have got a really big treat for you today. We usually don’t see Country Music Superstar Martina McBride in the kitchen. [Music Playing] She’s usually cranking out, hit songs in the studio or performing on stage but today just for us, she is cooking up one of here favorite treats. One of her favorite meals and it’s all for good cost too. It’s so great to see you. Martina McBride: Good to see you too. Juli Aucliar: Thanks for having us by the kitchen. Martina McBride: My pleasure. Juli Aucliar: And first of all, congratulations big news CMA nomination female vocalist of the year. Martina McBride: Thank you very much. Juli Aucliar: How exciting? Martina McBride: It’s very exciting. Juli Aucliar: And even when you are on tour, I know that you’ve said that it’s really important for you to gather around the table with your daughters, with your husband and have a meal. And tell me about the importance of that for you. Martina McBride: It’s very important. It’s a priority in our house. I mean, I grew up eating dinner with my family every night and my husband did the same thing. And so, it’s just important for us to pass that on and do that with our children. I think it makes you feel more connected, it’s their time to share thoughts about their day and it teaches them to listen and to be part of the conversation and you know just really good thing. Juli Aucliar: And that’s why you got involved and you share the TV project right? Can you tell us a little bit about that? Martina McBride: That’s right. Well, I’ve teamed up with Barilla Pasta on Share The Table which is basically a program to get people to eat dinner together more often and to – you can go to There’s a lot of tips, there are like over seven hundred recipes on there. Juli Aucliar: And so what happens when you make a promise? Martina McBride: When you go on there and make a promise and there are several promises different ones as you can make. So when you make a promise Barilla donates a dollar for every promise two meals on wheels. Juli Aucliar: And we’re actually at A Meals on Wheels location here at Washington heights, New York look great. They’re so nice for letting us come by. Martina McBride: Yes. Juli Aucliar: And cook and you’re going to show us how to make one of your favorites because making something that people love is a good way to get everyone with each other. Martina McBride: Absolutely. And this is one of my family’s favorite dish is that Manicotti. So, we have some Manicotti cheese here and we put in some basil and some eggs and a little bit of salt and mix all that and drop it together. Juli Aucliar: This is a quick one. Martina McBride: Oh, it’s very easy, yeah. And then here’s your secret weapon, we have spinach and garlic which your kids kind of could not even realize they’re eating spinach so that’s good. Juli Aucliar: We mix that all around. Martina McBride: And we mix this all up. [Music Playing] Juli Aucliar: Tell us how you find the time with your touring. I know you have three girls and you’re married within 20 years, right? How do you find the time to get together and to stay together as a family? Martina McBride: Well, eating together like I said is a priority even my kids know it's a priority. If one of them misses a couple of dinners, you know, I have to say, okay, we have to sit down that you know, it’s just important to me and it’s important to them and so really you just have to make the time to make it happen. Juli Aucliar: And how about for you when you actually get a little time to yourself? What do you like to do? Martina McBride: I love to read. I love to just kind of stay at home and patter around the house, you know. Juli Aucliar: So you’re much better with this than I am. Martina McBride: Somehow, once again. It’s kind of messy too which is fine. Juli Aucliar: You put it in here. Martina McBride: Put it in there. Juli Aucliar: Does your girls like to cook with you? Martina McBride: They love to cook. Juli Aucliar: Do they? Martina McBride: Yeah, especially my four years old. She really loves it. Juli Aucliar: Yeah, she really? Martina McBride: Just sprinkle that. Juli Aucliar: Okay, sprinkle the cheese. How much cheese is going in there? Let’s go this way. Martina McBride: And then we baked it up, we bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes. Juli Aucliar: Okay, so I am going to put that in the oven if you want to pull that one out. Oh, you’ve already this one for us. Martina McBride: I made this to have some for us to taste. Juli Aucliar: Okay, I can’t wait to try. You really are a good teacher. Martina McBride: I’ve always loved to cook and so --. Juli Aucliar: It’s really good. Martina McBride: It’s good. Juli Aucliar: You should have made that for the family. Martina, thank you so much. Martina McBride: Thank you. [Music Playing] Juli Aucliar: If you would like to make a promise or to get this great recipe, check about Martina, thank you so much.