Regaining the Initiative During a Fight
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Learn how to move from defense to offense in a fight.


(Music playing) As well just looking somewhere the defensive techniques, we will have the karate cutter and explore how this kind of cross over into to the rafters as well if we go. I will just bring in Jimmy. So one of the first things from a karate perspective, it is a civilian art, so it is not designed for fighting into the Korean Martial Arts. Just generally, it is like self defense sort of scenario so there is no distance and some likely that you will be coming across someone we do, you will not be sparring with somebody in that kind of martial arts form. So we will be a lot closer and a real fight to is generally a lot faster as well and there is no kind of back and forth. So the idea here is blocking at his hand it is going to be quite difficult. One thing we make use of this the opening move and my hand he crossed down comes to here and the way we interpret using that it is a kind of cover and so what is important was to start swinging some little chance of blocking so just little in my arms and the core of my head. Now, if I can move in there and when inside kind of the effective real, now, the next thing I want to do from there is I am going to be grabbing and from here again I can start working and attacking, striking and head butting. So I got this kind of initial movement from the hands and we are looking at this squint here from there but if Jimmy just drops the arms, the arms are low there against the shoulders, so he cannot move. Now, of course we are like a kind of boxing type, boxing point of view, and we will do this clinch or so the name I can great deal if you saw. So as the karate kicking looking at all those systems used, this clench can help me develop what is already in there. Just give me some ideas I have not spotted before as well. Now, moving what we have got from here as well the cutter, the next move it does it push down so what we can do is just raise the hands of one to the head from there and again I just push through, from that point we will go down from there and then we can strike or whatever. Across some down we all get straight in, we can also use your arms can clash so as I am moving forward and the miles where I will bash against Jimmy’s. Now, depending on how they bash, depends on what my next move will be. Now, as Jimmy threw over there, I ended up here. One technique I can do is I can use knife fan block, so I when I am out of the way ideally towards the elbow, this will help me put an open and I will move and strike toward the side the side of his neck from here which again those who are watching this karate recognizes as knife fan block. Now again, such a very basic just kind of trapping move through but if we look at kind of the wing shoulder or another systems we are trappings perform to the high level, that can help us augment and understand the kind of basic karate trapping. And of course as well as crashing this way we could cross that way and we use knife fan block again. I slap this hand out of the way free that I am through which is not the preparations for that that I took and then grab and strike. Now, what I tend to do from here is, the foot is on side I am ready to grab on. Now again, from a judo or wrestling perspective again the knowledge of playing with this grip, again will be very useful to you, you will understand it and there is lots of quality techniques formed from this position. We got in one sundown, we got the turn around and we got the step in to the throw and you understand this grip, you will never see that throw, you will never understand the purpose of this movement. So again, looking at things like this, I am just going to give you again a draw to help you understand, you catches up a little bit more and what other options too from here using that similar reverse and the head push, free this arm, through from here could grab his cloth which is an application of cross strangle. Again, if you got some Judo experience so you see that you will understand this idea of using these to pull the shirt, strangle people out. And these are options well we can use an opening movement and that ___ push down ___ for a neck crank. So again, you know what the submission system if we explore them again we will start to see other things in the karate as well. So there are a lot of things that will ask can give to the karatekan and help them to expand and develop what is within the system and recognize that is there.