Unarmed Hand Strikes Tutorial
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Geoff Tompson explains about unarmed combat and the use of hand strikes.


(Music Playing) Male: An armed-combat is loosely divided up in the systems that a strike based and those that are mainly grappling base. The hands of the most successful weapons and most Martial Arts teach striking with the hands first. (Music playing) Male 2: Most situations will start from here, this combat range. If you do not monitor it and control it with defense, it very quickly it becomes here, this comes within. And that very quickly, degenerates to grappling range. So like I said before, how can it control this range, this is the range you will give him, so the range I have chosen is already been given. In control to defense and from here, I am going to attack with approach. Goes normally to the jaw, depending on circumstances can be served, if the strike serious knocks them off commits in the throat or another thing forward into the arteries depending completely on the situations. (Music playing) Male: Different arts have different methods. To what seems universal among the hardest hitters, is the application of putting the hips in first before the strike come through (Demo) Male 2: What is your angle first of all? And what takes it back? Keeping the shoulder, and when it gets to a point here, what then starts to go forward is that going forward? Hit those forward which creates to(ph) or recall in the shoulder which then comes late to your body weight to what? This, so your action is, hit one two, whip into here, three is in here. Think of a discus(ph), where you come on to the circle, it is here, it is this whipping action to here, reckon in the shoulder and this is the last thing to go.