Martial Arts and Greco Roman Wrestling
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Geoff Tompson demonstrates greco roman wrestling techniques to break your opponent's clinch.


(Music playing) Male: Once the distance is completely closed down both protecting this end up in a clenching position, Geoff Thompson explains here, techniques derived from Greek or Roman wrestling that are best designed to break a person’s grip when in the clench. Male 2: What I tend to do from here is again if you just grip on this one here, here, the way to break it is that once he got a dominant grip I am looking at being taken over but adjusting the way to stay away to circle in my head and pull away okay. So if I have done my grip here and you comply on this and done towards to grip and that will just take him over. We will look at it again when you got here just come over, just push. Well again, same here, just stretch and then look at where we are, it is from here just stretching so keep against it, so as it comes in how will we touch the knee here or just stretch comes here and then come back again okay. So whenever the main thing is you never allow anybody to keep a dominant grip, so many people come out and then here and they just allow it to happen; same as with the Judo. Tends to come here, he snatches away, seal it with a grip, now I am dominating grip and the people that will hold far on that, I wonder why they do not do anything because they are allowing themselves to be dominated. Male: The longer we state this particular range, the more likely we will be from protecting us to grip hold of each other. This is obviously where the wrestling darkling out really excel is also where the issue of balance becomes more and more apparent. Obviously we want to be the person initiating the take down, taking the enemy’s balance but what will probably happen is we will end up on the ground with it. Another Martial Arts to that great cost ignore ground work, others over emphasize it. The strategy really should be trying to stay vertical as possible after all, death is a place where most enemies want us to be. The ground also have lots of other issues as well extra people being involved etcetera and other dangers. But if we end up there, we need to know what to do.