Marshmallow Shooter Review
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The Marshmallow Shooter was the hit of the New York Toy Fair. It's a pretty irresistible toy for children of all sizes. Your kid will love loading up a toy gun or bow and arrow with marshmallows as ammo. This is one of the coolest children's toys around.


Clyde: Now you might think that marshmallows are for toasting, wrong. Here at the Marshmallow Fun Company, marshmallows are ammo. Here with Johnny from Marshmallow Fun Company, he's going to tell us about his marshmallow shooter. Johnny: Well you might have thought playing with food is not right, but with our products, it’s absolutely the thing to do. This right here is our marshmallow shooter, we came up with this about two years ago. It’s been one of the hottest toys for Christmas, for spring, campfires, boy scouts, pretty much everybody just loves it. This is a multi shooter, it shoots 30 marshmallows. Clyde: It’s a full clip. That’s a full marshmallow clip right there. Johnny: Absolutely. Rapid fire. It’s like a machine gun. The faster you pump, the better it goes. Clyde: So is this your only shooter? You got another more? Here you go, let me hold that. Johnny: That shoots the little ones, this is actually our blaster which shoots the big marshmallows. I kind of give you a demo, if you can catch this going up, it goes up about 50 feet. So single shot, but it is, it really rocks. Let me see this one right here, it’s another product. This just came out this year, its Bow and Mallow. And it is about as fun and easy as it can be. It’s just shoots and shoots and shoots. Clyde: I don’t think kids will like this. I'm not sure. I'm not sure that they will have fun shooting marshmallows at each other. Johnny: Edible ammo. Its ammolicious. Clyde: Open wide.