Mardi Gras Traditions
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Learn what is Mardi Gras and about the Mardi Gras traditions


Welcome to I am your host Melissa and today is Mardi Grass. Traditionally, Fat Tuesday is the last day for Catholic to indulged and sometimes over indulged since was the day before Ash Wednesday which kicks off their season of lent. Mardi Grass is filled with traditions. Two of which came about 1872 when the Russian Duke Romanov visited New Orleans for Mardi Grass. In order to give him a road reception, they organized a parade that made him King for a day. A King and Queen has been named from Mardi Grass every year ever since. A second tradition which stem from the royal visit was that of the official colors of Mardi Grass which are also the official colors of the Romanov House, Purple, Green and Gold. If you are in the United States, the place to be is New Orleans for Mardi Grass. They are being celebrating a grand fashion since the French that arrives in the 1700. In 2005, hurricane Katrina hit the southern United State and New Orleans was no exception. But the city has been rebuilding and party will go on. So wherever you celebrate, be careful. Collect you bids and have fun.