Many Parents Starting Kids on Solid Food Too Early
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A new study says parents should hold on feeding their children solid food until they are 6-months-old.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons   BY MATT MORENO    Researchers are urging many parents to stick with breastmilk or formula a little longer when feeding their babies.   A new study say s 40% of moms surveyed offered their infants solid foods before 4-months old, and 93% before the recommended 6-month mark. 9% said they introduced solids as young as four-weeks old. The mothers for the study were interviewed between 2005 and 2007.   The New York Times reports the American Academy of Pediatrics previously advised not feeding babies solid food before 4 months old, but recently changed that to 6-months after new evidence of the benefits of breast milk.   The study says giving your child solid food too soon increases their risk of obesity, diabetes, eczema, and celiac disease.   55% of the parents surveyed said their health care provider told them solid food before 4-months was okay. ( Via ABC )    And some of the respondents said they fed them early because they thought their baby was old enough, their baby seemed hungry, or it helped their child sleep at night. But, Dr. Richard Firshein appeared on Fox News to debunk some of these reasons.   “You might be giving them indigestion, they might be experiencing certain intolerances and that may be fatiguing them ... Your baby will actually tell you when he’s ready for solid food. They’ll put their hands to the mouth, make chewing motions, they may even grab a fork.”   The study says poorer, less educated mothers were more likely to introduce solid food early.