Managing Your School Time Effectively
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Amanda Medders of Tri-Ed Tutoring explains how to manage your time at school wisely for studying and acing your tests.


Host: How do I manage my time effectively in school? Amanda Medders: In order to help you manage your time, you want to setup a study schedule in advance. One thing to do when you’re setting up your study schedule is to think about the commitments that you already have on your time. If you have extra curricular activities and after school job, sports that you are part of; you want to make sure that you allot time for studying. That should be your highest priority during finals. So, if you need to let your boss know or let your coach know that you may not be able to make as in big of the time commitment to those areas, let them know in advance. Then setup your study schedule. Go back to various tests and quizzes that you’ve had. Study guides that your teachers may have provided; take a look at which chapters gave you the most trouble. Make sure that you’re going back and covering those first. When you setup that schedule, you want to make sure that you’re setting small attainable goals. Don’t say that you’re going to study for three hours straight in one day that may not be realistic. Instead, put down that you’re going to cover one chapter or one lesson in one hour on a particular day. And space out your schedule so that you can start early and finish right up against the exam.