Man Steals Stuffed Animals, Seeking Companions
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A California man is sitting in jail after stealing a series of stuffed animals from a Bakersfield museum, including a leopard and dingo. The man says he was looking for companionship, so he decided to be a cat burglar. (Jan. 26)


[Notes:KERO-TV][Notes:Bakersfield, Calif.]OUTSIDE OF THIS MUSEUM IN BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA ... THE GLASS IS BROKEN ... AND SOME OF THE STUFFED ANIMALS ARE GONE.BUT THIS IS NO ORDINARY BURGLARY.SOT: I was sitting in my room, I don't have a tv or radio so i thought well i'll be a catburglar todayPOLICE SAY THIS MAN ... HENRY SLIVER ... TOOK A LEOPARD ... LION ... THEN A DINGO ... LOOKING FOR COMPANIONSHIP.IN A JAILHOUSE INTERVIEW, SLIVER SAID THAT LEOPARD WASN'T ENOUGH ...[Notes:SUPER: Henry Sliver / Says He Took Animals]SOT: Put it in my room, talked to him for a while and said well, i'll go back and get the dingo dog and got it and went to burger king bought coffee and the police showed up.THE MUSEUM SAYS THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER ... THE ANIMALS WERE DAMAGED ... FIXING THEM WILL COST MONEY.[Notes:SUPER: KORAL HANCHARICK/BUENA VISTA MUSEUM]SOT: To us they're very valuable in a lot of different ways. They're very educational for the kids. We're probably the only museum in California where you can get up close and look at animals.THE 55-YEAR-OLD SLIVER SAYS HE TAKES MEDICATION FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA ... WHETHER HE WAS ON HIS MEDICATION AT THE TIME OF THE THEFTS ... IS NOT CLEAR.LEE POWELL, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: ---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: KERO-TV-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: ----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: ABC script - CatBurglarPKG