Man Recovers From Brain Damage 'Against All the Odds'
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Doctors were going to pull Steven Thorpe off life support, but his parents convinced them not too. He's mad an incredible recovery.


After a car accident with two other cars and a horse on an English road — Steven Thorpe was brought to the hospital with fractures to his face and his head. Doctors said he’d suffered catastrophic damage to his brain. Here’s the BBC. But Steven’s parents were not willing to give up on their son and his recovery. The Daily Mail reports.   “Doctors at University Hospital in Coventry ... agreed to let a neurologist re-examine him and, astonishingly, he detected faint brain waves indicating Steven had a slim chance of making a recovery.” Thorpe’s arm was mangled in the accident and he had multiple reconstructive surgeries on his face. The hospital told the BBC they were happy Thorpe had been able to “make progress against all the odds” and that his case was quote “truly unique.” The Leamington Observer reports Thorpe was out of his coma in two weeks and sent home within seven weeks. Of his ordeal, Thorpe says. “The biggest worry for me was the thought of not being able to have a family or children, because of my appearance and arm. I always dreamed of having a wife and a couple of children because family will always be a very important part of my life...”