Man Buys Maternity Clothes
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Our good friends at Picket Fences Maternity Boutique give Daddy Troy a few pointers for guys shopping for maternity clothes. For their wives/significant others. Please. Makes for a thoughtful gift. DadLabs Gear Daddy ep 460 brought to you by BabyBjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to Gear Daddy. I am host Daddy Troy. Today, I am here with Hailey, a Picket Fences Baby & Maternity boutique in Austin Texas and she is going to tell us how dad's can go and buy maternity clothes for the expecting mom. Daddy Troy: There comes a time in a woman's pregnancy when none of her clothes start to fit. She wakes up in the morning. She tries them on and everything is uncomfortable. This is a great time for you, the expected father to go out and buy surprise maternity outfit. Hailey tell us what a dad needs to know before he comes into the store to buy a maternity outfit for his expecting wife or partner. Hailey: He will want to know what size she is pre-pregnancy because those sizes we'll change into maternity sizes. Daddy Troy: And you can help the dad make that conversion. Hailey: Yes, yes, definitely. Daddy Troy: And how does the dad figure out what size she is? Hailey: He can look in her closet or he ask a friend. He will want to know what style she is. Is she is more contemporary, is she more traditional, she have simple taste, or kind of more funky taste and he will want to know how far long she is in her pregnancy? He will also want to know what he is buying these clothes for. Is it for work, is it for play, for a special event, we can certainly help with all that and we love to do it. Daddy Troy: Great, let's go and look at some of the work clothes options that you have here. Hailey: I always recommend these noppies first. They came in brown, khaki, and black and in different lengths. She can wear them throughout the whole pregnancy. They grow with her. Daddy Troy: Could I also wear something you think? Hailey: Yeah, sure. Daddy Troy: I can wear that... Hailey: When you just eat a really big dinner, yeah. Daddy Troy: -- weight or something like that? Hailey: And these are good for work and for play. They can be casual or dressy. If you do a black pant, those are really slenderizing. So these are great pants to get, just all around good buy. This is a great top for work. It is got a higher neckline so it will be really conservative and appropriate for work, but it is also really cute. Daddy Troy: So let's say as a dad that I want to blow out stuff. I want to get something really hep or fun for my wife, what do I do? Hailey: Designer jeans. We carry two kinds of designer jeans. We have the citizens which are going to fit over the belly and they have a band on them and we carry the habituals which are going to, they don't have a bands so they are going to sit under the belly and not a preference of the mom, which is really important and they are all one length so she will probably have to get them pinned, but that's not a problem. Daddy Troy: So Hailey what would you recommend to the daddy who is really overwhelmed by all this and wants to buy something simple, but it is really elegant? Hailey: I recommend our Michael star shirts. They all are of solid colors. They come in different cuts, so it is safe bet for a dad. Daddy Troy: Well! That is great advice. We recommend that dads go to a maternity boutique like Picket Fences Baby & Maternity and get a lot of great help for someone like Hailey. Thanks a lot for having us in today. We will see you next time on Gear Daddy on week long at