Malcolm Mushroom iPhone App Review
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Review of Malcolm Mushroom Interactive Kids Book - The definitive source for iphone app reviews.


This review of Malcolm Mushroom Interactive Kids Book is brought to you by Malcolm Mushroom Interactive Kids Book is an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch for adults to use with their children. This game is exactly what the title says it is: an interactive story. There are only a few things you can do in this app, but considering the focus is for it to be used between iPhone owner and child, it doesn't really need to offer that much. The app presents itself like a storybook. Holding the iPhone horizontally, you'll notice that the top right hand corner of every page is bent, notifying you that this is where you would turn the page. If you want to go back a page, you can tap the left hand side of the screen. If you'd like to get interactive with the app, you can actually tap on most of the characters located on each page to hear what they have to say. At the bottom of the page you can tap on the words and a narrator will read them for you. Once you tap on any interactive object you'll have to wait until it's finished before you can do anything else. Tapping on it again will sometimes replay the sound while the first run-through hasn't even finished. This is an interesting concept, but it was very difficult to get the app to recognize the page changing gesture. Sometimes it felt like you couldn't switch the page unless you had interacted with every part of the page, including the narration. This became frustrating and would surely be the case if a child was using it. Malcolm Mushroom Interactive Kids Book is an interesting idea, but would you really want a child playing with your iPhone? This is Bryan from the definitive source for iPhone App reviews.