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Chef Daddy Troy makes a heaping helping of blended turkey in this review of a Baby Food Processor. Save money. Choose your own organic vegetables. But watch out for the plastic ring that doesn't work! Distributed by Tubemogul.


Welcome back to Gear Daddy. I’m your host, Daddy Troy, and today we’re cooking up a heaping helping of blended Turkey. Sometime between about six months and two years depending on how long a baby breast-feeds he or she will graduate to solid foods. It’s a big time in a parent’s life because the kid actually gets to eat with you at the dinner table. A lot of parents will choose to use these jars of baby food which are actually really convenient and relatively inexpensive for the small ones – 80 cents to maybe about 50 but one of the problems with these is if you get the meat variety you are not sure of the quality of meat that’s going into it and with the vegetables when you go organic they get a little more expensive. So a lot of parents will choose to make their own baby food and that’s why today we’re reviewing the Electronic Baby Food Processor. This one’s built especially for baby. All the plastics in it are BPA free and it’s a lot like a mini food processor. Now of course you could use your own mini food processor if you chose to but you never know the flavors or smells from the night before when you made some sort of sauce. You don’t want your baby food getting mixed up with that. So I think it makes sense to use a dedicated baby food processor. It comes with two cups just like this. Take some deli meat. I bought this really high quality turkey at the deli counter. I’m going to plop it inside. Two pieces right there. Especially for baby it recommends that you put a little bit of water in there to kind of help things mix up a little bit. You take the blade. It screws onto the lid just like that. Get it nice and tight. And place it on top of the food processor and all you simply do is press like this. Voila! You have instantly blended turkey for your child to eat. You can also do this. You can take off the blade like that and put it aside and you can put on a lid and stick it right in the refrigerator and actually go and make some more food which is what we’re doing to do right now. I’ve taken a banana and I’ve cut it into a bunch of little bity slices so it will blend up very well. I put a bunch of water in there so it will liquefy things even more and put on the top. Stick it on the food processor. And there you have it. Instant baby food. Now I should tell you there’s one thing I did not like about this product. When I take off the lid sometimes this little gasket right here that keeps all the liquid from coming out, the gasket would come out itself and I had to put it back in. No liquid ever leaked but I had to manually put it back in and that frustrated me a little bit. These lids for the refrigerator don’t have a gasket. They’re just a solid piece of plastic that keeps the liquid from draining out. I didn’t have a problem with these only with this part right here. So today we’ve reviewed the Electric Baby Food Processor especially for baby. It gets the DadLabs seal of approval and once you’ve made your own baby food why not pick up one of these really cute and functional plates and spoon sets from Baby Bjorn. These cute little spoons have these eyes on them. Really love it. Sturdy construction. Got the nice rubber bottom to keep it from skidding. Love this product. Now you guys thought I was going to take a bit of this blended turkey but no. I’m going to try the blended bananas. We’ll see you next time on Gear Daddy and all week long at