Mads Mikkelsen on 'The Hunt' in Cannes
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Director Thomas Vinterberg and actor Mads Mikkelsen discuss the many layers surrounding the sensitive theme of child abuse in their latest film 'The Hunt'. (May 23)


SHOTLIST (including transcript):-Pretty Pictures1. Film clip: "The Hunt"AP Entertainment Cannes, France, 21 May 20122. SOUNDBITE (English) Thomas Vinterberg, director - on the film:"I've tried to make the film grow into something larger, something not just a case story but a story about human beings, a story about love, a story about fatherhood, about friendship and about the loss of innocence.Pretty Pictures3. Film clip: "The Hunt"AP Entertainment Cannes, France, 21 May 20124. SOUNDBITE (English) Mads Mikkelsen, actor - on what attracted him to the film:"Well, it was not so much about the character of Lucas as it was about all the other characters. When I read it I got very upset and I got emotionally attached to it right away, but I also got very provoked with the fact that I couldn't point the finger at any of the characters. No one is doing anything wrong, they are not doing anything I wouldn't have done and that was really provoking so I was, so I like, 'This is a really nice base for a film, lets dig a little deeper."Pretty Pictures5. Film clip: "The Hunt"AP Entertainment Cannes, France, 21 May 20126. SOUNDBITE (English) Mads Mikkelsen, actor - on the message of the film:"It's hard to say. A film will hopefully always have different messages and be a little more versatile than just one thing. We are definitely not in here to speak up for the people who are wrongly accused of something - that is not our mission. We're not here to say that child abuse does not exist, because it does in a heavy scale unfortunately. I think we are more here to say how great, great love can be turned into great, great fear and then again turn into great, great hate and that can implode and collapse society totally."Pretty Pictures7. Film clip: "The Hunt"