Love Loss and What I Wore Cast Interview
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Better.TV sat for a talk with the incredible cast of Nora and Delia Efron's "Love Loss and What I Wore" theatrical show which includes celebrities Anna Chlumsky, Julie Halston and Brook Shields.


Love, Loss and What I Wore Cast Interview Rhiannon Ally: But first, it is chick flick meets chick lit. Love, Loss and What I Wore is a show about emotional recollections in the lives of a group of women in the clothes that framed them. The quick withered and smart script from Nora and Delia Efron strikes a curve with every woman. A rotating cast of incredible actresses and bodied he many women in the vignettes. We sat down with three of them for intimate conversation at the Westside theatre in New York. Tyne Daly: Once upon a time I used to look at an item of clothing and wonder if it was too young for me now I don’t even bother. Rhiannon Ally: Love, Loss and What I Wore is a scrapbook of stories that uses clothing to accessorize, tales every woman can relate to; from the trauma of buying that first bra to unspeakable prom dresses to fabulous high heels and having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Julie Halston: If you go like “oh really? Someone is going to write a book about clothes and her life of really, really?” and it's going to be good really? It really is because that’s when you start realizing how emotional we are so attached to these things. Rhiannon Ally: Brooke Shields, Julie Halston and Anna Chlumsky are three of the actresses that make up the rotating cast at the Westside Theatre. Ann Chlumsky: I mean all the stories to some extent resonate with I think everybody and some more than others. But, when Gingy talks about her granddaughter in the end and she tells about the pink scarf, I just—I die a little inside every time in a good way. Rhiannon Ally: They vignettes about fighting cancer, mothers who disapprove, men who leave and the clothes we wore at those defining moments in our lives. Julie Halston: There are certain clothes that are associated with certain lovers or—and I've been married twice. So, maybe not since—okay, I better shush— Brooke Shields: I having grownup being a model, someone who put on other peoples clothes and just gave them back, like I go in my jeans and my topsiders and my shirt and put this stuff on. And then put it off and I never ever had any connection personally to clothes. Rhiannon Ally: But her wardrobe looks a little different these days. Julie Hlaston: She comes in like with these fabulous classic-y things and then she'll have like this wonderful piece of jewelry on her arm or on her ear and they're all kind of funky and fabulous and it's like wow. Well, because she doesn’t look good, whatever. Yeah, she didn’t— Brooke Shields: No but—like I think clothes for people are a sign of independence and a sign of affirming. I watch my girls fight me. I don’t remember ever fighting to wear anything. Rhiannon Ally: Brooke’s favorite permanent thing in the closet right now? Brooke Shields: I have a scarf that my daughter really made me and it's so funny because she has this little tiny sewing machine and it's 80,000 feet long, the scarf and it's like the best scarf. Rhiannon Ally: And Julie’s go-to favorite. Julie Haslton: This black leather jacket that I can namedrop because I namedrop all the time that I got from Sarah Jessica Parker when I was doing Bitsy Von Muffling on Sex and the City. Rhiannon Ally: When is uniform growing up? Anna Chlumsky: I have a friend who’s still my friend from second grade and she says “I remember the first time I saw you and our lockers were next to each other and I thought you were pretentious because you were wearing ballet slippers. Julie Hlaston: Ballet slippers to school, I love it. Rhiannon Ally: But experience on stage is very different from other shows. Julie Halston: It's an intense experience in many ways. I do a lot of one-person shows and standup and whatnot, and I thought that it would be a little like that but it's not really. It starts one way and you do have a journey and it does end up with some real serious situations. Brooke Shields: This has been so different show to show that it's really interesting for my ego. It's interesting because I'll be up here going ah, this does work, this work. And I'll do it later and then nothing, no crickets. And you kind of have to—they keep you honest. Julie Haslton: They really do. Anna Chlumsky: Best audio system. Julie Haslton: Yes. Tyne Daly: For the first time in my life, arms are in and I am out. Rhiannon Ally: There is an age old relationship between women, their bodies and what they wear. Brooke Shields: These moments that have this sort of accompaniment of an article of clothing is really just historically a psychological journey that women go through since they're little. Rhiannon Ally: Love, Loss and What I Wore is one size fits all. Bring a tissue. You're definitely going to need it. Love, Loss and What I Wore is now on the Los Angeles stage as well. It's based on the book of the same title by Aileen Beckerman.